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Overstepping Boundaries

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My DH is a wonderful, loving man to my daughter, 15. He's also wonderful to his Biological Kids. 18, 19, 22 who do not live with us....However, we have issues that I don't know how to resolve or get past. The main one is he oversteps his boundaries with my daughter.
1) he has read her diary WITHOUT my knowledge. then when he saw something not so good, he told me to read it and take care of it.
2) he withholds affection from her if she texts a boy he doesn't approve of
3) he checks her phone records every day practically and

Power Struggles w/ Spouse

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Today I am so drained...Every day feels like a struggle trying to communicate with my husband. Everything is misinterpreted!!! All I know is we constantly have "power struggles." Today we fought over which pan to make eggs in. I'm losing it!! Honestly, I feel if I just keep my mouth shut about everything, and do not make any suggestions (whether it's about our kids or not, or whether my idea is better or not) and just become a yes person, life may be smoother.

Hanging Out w/ Dh's ex again....Who IS Friends with Dh's EW?

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Well...not even two months later, another occasion came up where we had to hang out with my Dh's ex. This time instead of just Dh, her, and their 2 kids and me, more people were expected to attend the party at her house (where my hubby lived for 18 years with her) so I was okay with it. I promised myself I wouldn't torture myself as I peeked into their old bedroom, or wouldn't try to create scenarios of them two sitting outside on the deck...

Maybe I am jealous of the ex???

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My best friend (not married/no kids) accused me of being jealous of the exwife....then it dawned on me...
Maybe I am?

Right this minute I feel if the ex called my hubby and asked him to Jump...(because of something relating to the kids of course!) he'd speed dial her right back (while he was at work naturally, so I am not within earshot) and he'd ask her "How High?"

Here I am with Dinner w/ the Ex Saga

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For reasons that are way beyond my comprehension, Dh insisted that this year we had no choice but to go out to dinner with his exwife and his children to celebrate ss 16th birthday. I resisted this idea because in my heart we are not one big family…we are two now. I agreed thinking the exwifes parents would be there, the aunts, etc and it was a “family” celebration sort of get together but it turned out to be only me and |Dh’s old pre-divorce family.