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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! More like Blursday... This WFH business has me discombobulated. I left my Daily Sudoku calendar at work and can't seem to remember what day of the week it is without it! I'm also missing my favorite coffee shop.

But that's the way things must be for now so I need to concentrate on what is good and right with my life...

I am thankful for:


OT - Friday Fun

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Okay, I know we're in the middle (beginning, for some) of a serious, worldwide crisis. 

I also know that stress can cause problems with your immune system. 

It's been said that Laughter is the Best Medicine. When I was a kid, I eagerly flipped through the Reader's Digest to read that page first.

OT - the Pennys have their house for sale

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Remember the Pennys?

They finally got their house "ready" and put it on the market. After a week - yes, 7 days - Mrs Penny is aaaaaaaaall upset. 

  • She's had to "show the house" 3 times and is "exhausted" 
  • NO ONE has made an offer
  • It should be sold already!


BioHo and the Beer Virus

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DH called me on his way to work. He took SS17 to a dentist appointment. SS17, after some hemming and hawing, said that BioHo wanted him to ask DH if the 'Ho House can shelter with us "when we all get quarantined with that beer virus". (I kid you not.)

DH: Son, it's not a beer virus. 
SS: ~sighing~ I know, Dad, but that's what she texted.
DH: YOU can stay with us. Your mother (I can hear that "tone") and the others will have to stay at their house.
SS: I'll bring my generator just in case.
DH: Good idea.


OT - Finding Your Comments

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Here is an addition to the How To Find Your Comments section of this blog:

If you do not want to bookmark blogs and forum topics, you can easily find your most recent comments.

Type your username in the Enter Search Terms box (upper right below My account) and click GO!


OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! Certainly seemed to take its time getting here. A coworker showed me a meme this morning that struck a chord... It was a picture of Wedneday Addams that said:

I have 2 reactions whe going out.

  1. Ew, the sun.
  2. Ew, the people.

I am DEFINITELY feeling that second one today!


Eff off to: