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OT - Friday Fall Fun

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Happy Friday, STalkers! The weekend begins in a few short hours. Woo hoo!!! 

My neck of the woods is in for cool, rainy weather. But (IMO) there's nothing like rain to make the Fall colors look positively vibrant! I'm so happy that the heat of Summer is behind us. Let's have a litte Fall Fun!

What do you like about Summer changing to Fall?

What is your favorite hot/cold Fall drink?

Is there anything special you cook or bake?

Outdoor activities you and your other half do?

What is something you've always wanted to do?



OT - Throwback Thursday

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This has been a loooooong week. I've spent most of the day running here, there, and everywhere and am FINALLY sitting down. Unfortunately, I'm on a mucho boring conference call. HAVE to be on it, but cannot contribute to it. So.....

Throwback Thursday! Do you have any favorite Fall memories?

When I was a kid, there was one big thing we did in Fall: Fall Cleanup. That involved housecleaning AND cleaning up the yard.


OT - Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! We made it!!! Okay, almost. Biggrin

'Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Did you notice that it's Fall? Leaves are going from green to yellow, orange, red, umber, butterscotch, marmalade, currant, gingerbread, gold, bronze, scarlet, and cinnamon.... Have I painted a picture? Smile


OT - Gifts you don't want

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I didn't want to hijack another thread, but the comments made me curious...

What do you do with a gift you never use or do not want/like? 

Do you use/wear it once or twice?
Do you keep it handy for the time the gifter comes over, then blow off the dust and place it in a spot of prominence or wear it?
Do you donate or regift it?
Do you stick it in a closet or cupboard or the back of a shelf and let it gather dust until, years later, you find it while cleaning/remodeling? (And do you then throw it away?)
Do you throw it away?

OT - 9/11

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In rememberance of the tragedy of 9/11, please take a moment to reflect.

There was shock and horror and heartwrenching pain. 
There was no race, no religion, no politics. 

A nation came together. We were all brothers and sisters rushing to the aid of our extended family - America and its people. Supplying shelter, food, water, money, time. Holding a stranger's hand or hugging them to give the only thing we could - compassion and comfort.