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OT - Eff Off/Food Friday

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Yes, I'm combining Eff Off Friday with Food.

Eff Off to:

  • Meetings that are supposed to be 15 minutes, but last over an hour because people keep YAMMERING
  • IRS scam phone calls (and all other scam/spam calls!)
  • Middle-aged acne (and some beard hairs are ingrown)
  • Beard hairs!! (and other "new" hair in previously hairless places)




OT - Thirsty Thursday

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Spring is just 'round the corner (Tuesday!). While SOME people still have plenty of snow days left, it's time to put the cocoa and marshmallows away. Warmer weather makes me THIRSTY. Spring brings new life: trees budding, grass greening, birds warbling their Spring mating calls... Planting season awaits!

I don't know about you, but I'm damn near a camel when I do yard work! I typically drink water, but there is nothing like finishing up for the day, wiping the sweat from my face (for the umpteenth time), and taking a long pull from a cold brew. Mmmmmmm....


OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers!!

I'm going to change it up a little bit and talk about healthy FOOD. Specifically, food substitutes. We all know there are tons of foods out there that are BAD for us. Foods we feel guilty about eating - especially after "I can't believe I ate the whote thing". Foods that are our guilty pleasure (put that Girl Scout Thin Mint DOWN!!!).


Keep your food, BioHo

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This was a skid weekend. DH had to work OT so he did not pick up PigPen afterwardss - too late (early!!). So BioHo brought Piggy over Saturday morning. With food. It was NOT snacks for PP. Not only did 'Ho send food for ME to cook - she sent leftovers. Yep, leftovers of SH!T that she cooked.

PigPen walked in with a paper grocery bag. DH said, "Whatcha got, buddy"? PigPen, beet red, said, "Mom sent some food", put the bag on the kitchen table, and went into the bathroom (probably to hide for a few minutes.

DH opened the bag and pulled out: