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OT - Throwback Thursday

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I commented on Futuro's blog yesterday and it got me thinking about how I've changed in the last 3 months. So while this is not a traditional Throwback Thursday, it's a throwback to how things were for me BEFORE the pandemic and I'm wondering if I will be able to easily return to the old Aniki...

PRE-Pandemic vs POST-Pandemic

PRE: I thought nothing of going to the grocery store every week or dropping in to grab something small: a forgotten ingredient, a craving, a treat for DH...


SD24 called...

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She asked if I would go with her to pick out new flooring and paint for her kitchen. After I visit her new house to see the kitchen because they're keeping the same cabinets. After THAT, she wants to buy me dinner. 

*shok*   *shok*   *shok*

Am I dreaming? Will someone message me a double espresso?

My, how things have changed in the last couple of years. 

OT - contact from an old "enemy"

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Another post got me thinking...

So you had a falling out/knock-down-drag-out with someone years ago. 5, 10, 25, 35 years ago...

Out of the blue, they try to reconnect with you in some way: phone, email, skype, fakebook...

Are you still angry/upset or have you moved past it?

Do you ignore the request to reconnect? Treat it like spam and block? Have a sh!t fit? Fly into a rage and call out your flying monkeys to "Fly, fly, fly!" and request a RO?

OT - Mental Health Monday

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Well, it's Monday. Life continues to be crazy.

Yesterday, DH got up at 0430 to go fishing. After he left, I went back to bed for a couple of hours. Got up a little after 7am, poured myself a cuppa, and made the the mistake of sitting down to read the news. And reading. And Reading. And READING...

Before I knew it, it was almost noon. My coffee was ice cold, my stomach was in knots, I had a headache, and the right side of my jaw was a fiery ball of pain. Obviously, my anxiety level was at Defcon 2. Yikes!


OT - Women Wednesday

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Happy hump day, STalkers! The title says Women, but Men are welcome, too. Biggrin

Life seems to be chaos with no clear end in sight, so I've been stepping back more from the ugliness to seek peace and beauty.

I stumbled across a quote by Omar Khayyam that was (to me) profound and lovely and wanted to share it with you...