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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! I'm not feeling well, so this will be short and sweet...

Eff off to: 

  • Whatever I ate or bug I picked up that has my innards roiling. Feels like there's a game of quidditch going on during thundersnow. Blech. 
  • Those who believe the rules apply to everyone...but them. Then they get their knickers in a twist because they get called out on breaking the rule. Eff off, effer. I'm GLAD you got nailed. 


Sorry so short. Wishing you a long, enjoyable, stress-free weekend!


OT - Why Furbabies Rule

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Gimlet, this is your fault because of this comment...

Kids can be great, but some days I look at my cats and think "you may scratch the couch and crap in a box that I have to clean, but at least you'll never have college expenses or bring home someone I hate". 

How about a list of why furbabies are so awesome? I'll start...

OT - the Pennys are moving....

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Yesterday's blog:

Met my friend for dinner last night and got the new poop.

Penny and Mr. Penny are selling their trailor in Arizona and moving to...







Let's hope they do some facking research. Any bets on how long it will be before they scurry back across the border? Gads.

OT - would you do this?

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I ran into an old friend this weekend and we got to talking about some of the old gang and what they're up to now. He was telling me about one gal (let's call her "Penny"), who has been posting all over FakeBook about her misery. Because FB is a diary, ya know... Anyhoo, here is the scenario...

Penny's husband is 12 years older. HIs dream was to retire to Arizona. Upon his retirement (at 65), they sold their house, packed up their shizzit, and hit the road. They've been there over a year now and Penny has been b!tchng since about 5 minutes after they arrived in Arizona. 

OT - College education

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Yay or Nay - do you think a college education is necessary?

I say Nay. I'm the youngest of five. My siblings all have degrees. I do not. One sibling got a 4-year degree at a $$$ school and became a housewife. Another spent 14 years in college for a prestigious position. I actually make more money.

OT - Leggings

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I am so BORED. I've been on teleconferences since I got to work. Talk about sucking the joy out of life!

On a recent post, one person said Leggings Are Not Pants! Another said Leggings ARE Pants! Let's discuss!

Firstly, leggings should be heavy and OPAQUE. If what you're wearing is see-thru, they're tights. Please don't wear tights as pants!