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I am done!

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I am using this to rant so that i have someplace where i can just yell-type how i feel right now. I CANNOT STAND MY SD17. She is a complete narcissist and seeks a ton of negative attention. She said she is going to move out and go live with her mom who is the same way. she is her mothers daughter for sure! she's completely disrespectful, has no desire to change or improve herself, and acts completely psychotic.

Don't even know how to deal anymore.

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I have an sd who is a complete nightmare to deal with. At first, I felt sorry for her because her mom used some pretty heavy parental alienation on her and her sister which ended up with us winning majority custody, but she still continues. My sd who is 17 is a completely hateful, negative, mini version of her mom now. My dh has done everything he can think of to try to combat this bad path that she is on but each year it just gets worse.  Her negative attenion seeking behavior continues to escalate.