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I am done!

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I am using this to rant so that i have someplace where i can just yell-type how i feel right now. I CANNOT STAND MY SD17. She is a complete narcissist and seeks a ton of negative attention. She said she is going to move out and go live with her mom who is the same way. she is her mothers daughter for sure! she's completely disrespectful, has no desire to change or improve herself, and acts completely psychotic. she has been to counselling basically her entire life, has seen psyche doctors, has been hospitalized for a fake suicide thought, faked anorexia, filed a false rape report at school, and is now basically holding us all hostage by threatening to go live with bm which would cancel out college or any sort of a future for her. my dh is at the end of his rope, i'm done. the other kids think she's nuts. I have one more month til she's supposedly gone . i can't breathe in my own house. I don't really need advice, just would be nice to hear from other people who are done also.


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I don't think I could've lived with either SD.  SD18 had problems similar to what you described but since moving out of her mother's house, her attitude and behavior is better.  She's still screwing up but she's not disrespectful anymore.   I don't blame you one bit though.  However, I will say that my SO never tolerated his daughters being disrespectful to me.

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So I have a SS17 that acts much the same way.  My girlfiend's son and her fight almost daily, and sometime it escalates to a ridiculous level.  This kid has been been arrested for shoplifting, hospitalized for a short time for anger outbursts, consantly steals our stuff and was expelled from school last month.  He's been on meds for years, going to therapy, nothing works.  His behavior follows a somewhat predictable pattern.  He almost always puts on a good face for me when I'm home, but complains about me when I'm not.  His behavior is beyond anything I've seen from a kid, but I do know there is worse out there (because of the news).  I can totally relate to what your'e saying, and understand feeling DONE.  

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Just goes to show what ive always said. Counselling and therapy are a waste of time and money on personality disordered people. In fact, it often teaches them how to be even better at manipulating. 

Im sorry for you op. These disordered skids just mess our lives up. 

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She has actually learned to use therapists words against them instead of trying to utilize the plans for change. she's so manipulative, even the therapists are caught off guard! I feel so sorry for anyone she ends up  marrying or getting involved with.

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My SD did all of that and more, starting at age 13. She, now 16, stomped off to her worthless mother's 1.5 years ago. Good riddance to bad rubbish.