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So my DH IS 'tired of always being the bad guy"(bm has no boundaries) and has decided sd16 can do whatever she wants. She has no consequences for things she is supposed to do but doesn't. This is not the person I married. In my eyes he's now just like BM. 

I am so frustrated I don't even know what to do except disengage from both of them. This is not the type of person I wanted for my kids. 


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You have to disengage. No, taking her anywhere, no doing nothing for her, no buying her anything, no cooking for her.  Do not take her on vacation. Do  not used your money on her.  She does what she wants, and you do what you want.  It’s now you or her.  You can not do more then BM or BF does. She not your problem. You can not solve that problem