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I HATE her!

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Sometimes I wonder why in the hell my dh ever married his ex to begin with. She is completely nuts! She has destroyed her children, disowned one completely, and is a complete narcissistic A-Hole! My dh and I have worked so hard to basically keep her drama out of our lives. Unfortunately one of the sd's recently went to live with her and is pretty much just like her. I have never ever ever in my life met anyone so freakin horrible. Someone who should pretty much be in jail but always gets away with crap. She basically has no life of her own because all she can do is create hate and discontent for other people. She needs to move on and go away! I have never seen someone more undeserving of being called a parent. I hope karma smacks in straight in the face! She is such a miserable excuse for a pathetic human being I don't even like calling her human. Mushrooms have more humanity than she does. Her parents were apparently terrible people to have raised a lump of flesh like her and have it turn out like she has. She is the person all men should be aware of. The one who gets pregnant to keep a man and then really didn't want to have kids to begin with. She PAS'd the crap out of her 2 daughters. (Parental Alienation Syndrome). You know, I really don't like using the word hate and I try to teach my kids that the word hate isn't a good word but I admit , I am a hypocrite because I HATE this sorry excuse for a parent. When the zombie apocolypse happens, I hope she gets eaten first and in a very horrific way!


Now I feel better that I vented....


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I have also wondered what my spouse saw in the ex and the fact that a child was created from the dysfunctional situation. I like to think that if your H can do it all over again that he'd make better choices but you still want to kick them in the butt. Sometimes people don't show their crazy right away, they keep it tamed and when it comes out.....all h@ll breaks loose.

I'd like to think they have learned from this and know better now. Hope the crazy BM gets eaten alive during the zombiepocalyps Yes 3

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And I have never hated anyone before. I hate her so much, the sound of her voice makes my stomach scrunch. If she died today, I would dance the happy dance. She poisons everything good in her life and has poisoned many things in my life. She makes me so angry, I just hope one of her loser boyfriends chokes and beats her so she would know how it feels  - especially because that it what she did to Feral Eldest. I hope someone scratches her like she used to scratch and claw my DH.

I do sometimes see DH differently for his super poor choice of a person. On the plus side he got a sweet kid out of the deal. He always likes to say "thats what you end up with when you are on crack at 25", and since he has been clean for over 20 years, that STILL doesnt explain why her married ToxicTroll!!!!!

Thanks for sharing