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I am really struggling with Christmas this year.

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My house is full, really full. I have 3 teenagers, me and my dh, my inlaws , and my sd's baby in the house this year. My inlaws are putting an addition on to my house and going to live there. right now they have turned our dining room into their bedroom. My sd who had the baby is in my living room, waiting for inlaws to move into addition and then going to take their spot in dining room. we are trying to make this all work along with contractors coming in/out starting at 730 in the morning and leaving at 4pm. I watch baby every other week. I tasked the 3 teenagers with getting out the tree and decorating for christmas. The tree will have to go in the kitchen as there is no room anywhere else. So guess what is still not up or decorated. I usually like Christmas but I am stressed. My father in law has Parkinsons and my mother in law doesn't do anything except lay in bed until noon then watch tv. I'm tired of doing their dishes and listening to them bitch about the addition and the contractors. I am to the point where I don't care if the tree is up or not. This is probably one of the least christmasy feeling Christmases I have felt since my divorce from my ex. I just wanted to vent so I don't explode.


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Call it off this year. You have a good excuse.

DH and I (no chldren so that is different I know) pretty much did that two years ago.   We didn't do any decorations, although we did go tour all the big hotels that had beautiful trees.   We ate out for Christmas and waddled home.  

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You beat me to it!  LOL  Cancel this year due to lack of interest.  Yours!  Just say that there is too much going on.  Because there is.  Find a nice hotel or restaurant doing a dinner and open presents afterward in your livingroom.  Done and dusted.

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We didn't do much for hannukah this year because we were moving and unpacking that week. We managed to rustle up a menorah and a couple of the offspring on the last day for pizza and candle lighting. Otherwise, I didn't do my normal decorating and latke marathon. It's ok to be overwhelmed and need a break , even during the holidays.

Just remember, even if it was a barn, Mary still had her own space and was in-law free for the whole story. 

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I had my first Hanukkah this year and it was so much fun. I have a menorah, but couldn't find it because we packed up my house to sell it. I just used a candelabra. It was fine (I say as a non-Jew with a very non-observant partner). For Christmas my house will be FULL, FULL - with mother and stepkids and my son and me and my partner. I am super thankful my partner still has his flat. I might just leave all the kids with my mom so me and my partner escape to his flat some days. The kids and my mom deserve each other some days. 

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F*** Christmas. If i wasn't leaving town to see my bio & leaving DH & skids behind I'd be insane right now

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I'm with you.  This is my first Christmas in their house (the house he shared with his ex-wife and where the kids grew up).

I'm getting out of dodge.  Going to spend it with people that won't make me feel like a leper.  


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Ooof. I do not do well in chaos. All the goings on and rooms turned into bedrooms with no place to relax would drive me batty. I wouldn't feel Christmassy either.

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I just want to give you a hug and pour you a glass of wine!!! I work for contractors- I get what you are going through with the addition! Having in-laws move in on top of everything else... yeah.. cancel Christmas! Save your sanity!