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When CO lists holiday time, but another CO event falls on same time?

I was looking at the calendar and the CO states DH gets the week of Spring Break from school release to the return to school.'s picture

Pickup Location Violation

What happens when the Court Order specifies a pickup location, but BM always says SD will be at XYZ location (whichever inconsistent babysitter she left SD with), and if DH wants to see her he can go's picture

Clothing too small for SD

I've posted here before about taking kids shopping with you or not and got some good feedback. Now I have another issue.'s picture

Medically fragile babysitter. Is this negligence?

SD has mentioned that GBM has been in the hospital several times this year. She has cancer, had a stroke, broken arm, fainted a few times and drinks wine a lot(SD words).'s picture

OT: Do you take kids/skids clothes shopping or go alone and pick things out?

Everything I've tried to find regarding this topic revolves around letting children pick their own outfits to foster independence.'s picture

3rd grader wearing makeup?

SD9 came home with a photo booth strip from an outing she went on with her BM. SD is clearly wearing makeup in the photos.'s picture

Cleaning mess before returning to other home!!!!

How do you handle SKID messes in common areas when they're left out before they leave? We have week on/off with SD9. Every week after SD leaves as I go through the house her stuff is everywhere!'s picture

BM filling SDs head with ideas of us all hanging out.

DH and BM barely knew eachother when she got pregnant and split when SD9 was 6mo. I met DH when SD was 1. DH are married and have a BS1. We have week on/off with a dinner visit on off weeks.'s picture

Do you love me the same...

Is this a normal question? SD9 asked DH if he loved her and BioBaby the same, he said yes. Then she asked me that question. I respond "I love you both".'s picture

BM interfering on DHs time.

BM recently volunteered to be one of the people in charge of one of SD9 extracurricular activities that takes place once a week. DH has week/week custody of SD.