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Need help now!!

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SS is in ER because he broke his arm at BM's. I suspect she had something to do with it. DH is there with them now, I'm here freaking out. BM's BM told me BM pushed SS down the stairs, and they fight physically. He's saying he tripped over a baby gate, but it is obviously broken by looking at it externally, above his left wrist. Is that even possible? Should I call the ER and have a social worker question him? Is there anything I can do?

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She's right there as well. I don't think DH would feel comfortable doing that right in front of her.

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I just called the hospital. The nurse manager is going to let the nurses know my concern, and took my name and number in case they want to ask me more questions, but they will be aware of my concern when they see him.

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Let me clarify...BM's BM = mom of BM's step son. BM bad mouthed her to DH in an email because he's using her as a character witness. DH forwarded said email to BM's BM, and BM's BM was shocked at how badly BM talked about her, and said her son (BM's step-son) would come home cryiing at how bad BM and my SS fight. And she told me her son said BM pushed SS down the stairs.

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I know. They need to come up with a new acronym for BM's BM. I have called protective services before because ss's told me about her dragging them from room to room by their throats, and she has hit me and DH in the past, so it wasn't entirely out of left field to believe she'd push SS down the stairs. :-S

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So you made a call based on what the SK claimed his SM did? The SK may have lied about the whole thing.

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50/50 custody. We've been in court for 4 years trying to deal with her nonsense. If the skids don't tell child protective what's going on, they won't do anything. SS12 is very tight lipped about. She has a very strong emotionally abusive hold on both the boys.

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DH just sent me a's really bad. His arm looks like a loose rubberband, folded in the middle of his looks like he broke both the radius and the ulna. They are just setting it now.

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With catlettuce's info, I would straight out ask a nurse if that is a greenstick fracture, and if so, the nurse needs to follow proper protocol. The abusive bm most likely won't know what that means, so no worries about saying it in front of her. Just pull the protocol card and let it happen.

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Thanks aswang. BM's BM didn't inform me of THIS incident, that was 8 months ago. His injury was deemed an accident, and the docs asked several times, b/c he broke his arm straight through his ulna, radius and part of his elbow. I researched and researched, and if he had a severe enough fall and braced his fall with his arm, he could have sustained this or a blow to it could have caused it. DH told me they asked him 5 different times what happened, and his story never changed: He was at the top of the stairs, he was having trouble opening the baby gate, tripped on it, and the gate closed over his arm while he fell to the bottom of the stairs and he landed on top of his arm with the gate crunched around the broken part.

It makes sense that that would break his arm, but I'm not understanding how a baby gate could malfunction that badly. We're going to look for recalls.

DH also said that BM was crying a lot in the hospital. When the docs came with a script for Tylenol 3, he said he could go get it filled while she brought SS home so it would be ready and waiting for them by the time they got there. She grabbed it out of his hands and said she would take care of it. She's been to rehab for heroin addiction, and DH is worried she's going to swap out SS's pills for regular Tylenol. We get him tonight for the next 5 days, so that will be easy enough to check. Only time will tell. I emailed the lawyer, so he will undoubtedly talk to DH about this today.

Thanks for the support everyone. There's no one else I could really talk to, and I was really worried Sad

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My DD22 has broken both arms, once on the playground and once playing "basketball" lol, one @ age 5 and one @ age 6. Both times we were (rightfully) grilled by hospital staff. Your DH should tell them everything you just told us. DCF will be called.

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I reported it. Bottom line is SS12's story makes no sense, and I worry about his safety over there. I don't know what happened. I do know he doesn't get injured like this while in our care. I know he has all the red flag signs of being an abused kid, and that's enough to make a report, so I did. When I explained how he broke his arm, the lady on the phone said she couldn't even understand how it could happen that way, it makes no sense.

He didn't fall down any stairs. His story is he was trying to open a swing and lock baby gate, and it fell forward over a single step from the room he was in, he fell with it, and the door closed over his arm and he landed on it. How does a child almost 5 ft tall get their arm stuck in a 3 foot tall baby gate? It doesn't make any sense. Furthermore, SS9, who loves to tell us everything, was REALLY tight lipped on the details. "Oh, we heard you tried to help SS12. Did you open the gate door?" "No, it was just on top of him" "I thought he fell on it?" "I--don't know. I don't know how it was" And he left the room.

Time to call. So I did. Told the lawyer, and even sent the picture. The lawyer gave us his private cell, and told us we need to talk over the weekend.

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I totally get ya. SS12 can do tricks and flips off his bike, we have a trampoline, climbing trees, the works. If he even required an icepack at our house, or made himself out to be the slightest bit accident prone, I wouldn't think anything of it...but that's my point...he really isn't accident prone, and something like this just isn't sitting right with me. It seems like a weird story to make up, but then again, they always say the more fantastic the story, the less likely it is to be true. At least he's with us the next 5 days, so I can sleep through the night. At least by informing CPS, I know they'll investigate, and if he's not safe over there, they'll find out. And if he is, I won't stay up all night worrying about it when he's over there.

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Drama continued....

CPS came to our house this morning. They are the on-call weekend people, so just coming around to make sure all children between all the homes are safe. When they met Skids, they were both very aware of who they are, and what they were there for. We told them the hospital must have called them because the break was so bad, they just want to make sure everything is okay. What a complete 180 for both skids. SS12 was the happiest I have seen him in almost a year. He has been asking to go with DH on all his errands today, personable, giggly, and in a good mood all around. SS9 on the other hand has been overly sensitive, teary and in a bad mood. He told DH that he doesn't want to talk to those ladies. He's worried he's going to get in trouble with BM, because last time they did come around because of what he said. He's really unsettled now. Our lawyer called us from his home today. He's very concerned as well, and asked that I keep him updated on all news. This one is pretty serious.

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I can tell you that my ex bf's son broke both of his wrists "falling down the stairs." It was a BIG FAT LIE. He was doing some stupid parkour crap, showing off at the neighbor's house. You can tell a kid's lying when they don't demonstrate exactly what happened and just say something simple like, "I fell down the stairs." No details, nothing. It was during spring break and Dad was at work. The kid told my son exactly what happened much later, but Dad didn't care because he didn't want to have to deal with his kid being a liar. So really, anything could have happened. The question now is, did the kid do something stupid and is covering for it, or did BM do something? Nobody has tried reverse psychology on him? It's not that hard to get the truth out of a kid if you are smarter than he is LOL

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My son broke his arm, same spot as your SS. But he was stair diving. The way my house is set up the staircase is actually its own hallway. There is a door at the bottom. My boys were jumping from the highest stair they could get to try to slap as high up the door wall as possible. He dove pretty far to break it that bad. It wasn't a one step accident. He actually forcefully jumped about 8 steps to break it like that. He was actually excited that he dove further than his brother and told the entire hospital staff about it. But we got grilled. I was positive CPS was going to get called. They immediately suspected abuse.

I am scared for your skids. Unless your SS is an elephant, one step shouldn't have been that bad. I hope things work out in the children s favor.

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Is it possible to break an arm right above the wrist by falling? Yes it is. My SKid did it when he was 4. He jumped from a play-scape platform to swinging rings and lost his grip. He fell a few feet, landed with his butt on his wrist and SNAP!!!!!. This happened seconds after his mom told him not to jump.

His arm was obviously broken. DW called me at work; I headed immediately to meet them at the ER. After a few hours I sent her to get some lunch at the cafeteria since she had not had anything to eat. The x-rays came back while his mom was eating. Definitely broken and misaligned.

After the ER splinted his wrist we went to the Pediatric Orthopedist to get it set and caste. We walked in to the waiting room and there was about half a dozen 4-6yos all with splinted arms. It was a bad day for kids and broken arms apparently. SS wanted a bright RED caste so that is what he got. The next day he flew out for Sperm Land visitation and his aunt's wedding. Sperm GrandHag freaked even though DW called her after we were all thought with the docs that day to let her know SS would be in a caste. Sperm GrandHag called CPS claiming that we beat the Skid and broke his arm. Texas CPS handed her her own ass over that bullshit. SS broke his arm at a neighborhood moms and kids play day in front of every mom in the neighborhood. In a vent to CPS when they called her to rip her a new asshole the real issue came out. “Well, they knew my daughter was getting married and (SS) is the ring bearer. They broke his arm got him a RED caste to ruin the wedding!!!!” :? :jawdrop: Biggrin

Anyway, yes, shit does happen and it does not always have to be abuse.

But, if it looks like a dog, barks like a dog, and smells like a dog, it is a dog and since there is a history of abuse I would be all over this like stink on dogshit were I you. Call the hospital and tell them of the history of BM's abuse. The hospital will have to initiate a CPS investigation.