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So here's what really pisses me off...

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It's Saturday night. I have no single "party" friends. The kids are off with their dad. All my friends are married with kids, or hours away and I've already monopolized them enough. I want to go to the bar, have a couple beers and come home. I feel like I have to do this alone, which seems monumentally stupid. But I'm going stir crazy barricading myself in every other weekend like this!!

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Try joining a local club or activity group- there may be someone like you who could just use a little company sometimes?

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do what you need to cope. i would enjoy the time i have to myself.

for company you can join a club like fairyo suggest.

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Personally I think one of the biggest signs of acceptance of oneself is to be able to go out alone and enjoy your own company. To have dinner alone without worrying about what other people think or sulking that you have no other friends to join you. Embrace the quiet, get some positive uplifting self-help/motivation books and find a nice coffee house. Create a habit of treating yourself to this one night all to yourself. Ask yourself why you need someone to go to the bar with you? Just go. Catch whatever game is on and chatter at the bar with the bar tender. Some of my best nights were doing just these things. I have never known myself as well as I did during that phase of my life. Like my Spin instructor says: "inch out your comfort zone; TRY IT, if you don't like it then come on back"

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Find yourself a hobby you can sit and do, with a glass of wine, some awesome music and simply enjoy it.

Join a book club, this will give you a weekly/monthly get together with other adults.