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Ot... cat tried to kill me

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So kitty gets a small single serve container of wet food that she works on after the dog goes to bed. She goes crazy for it and sits on her hind legs while i open it. She works on it during the night.

We joke because we find the container all over the kitchen and entry way in the morning. It is never where she starts out.

Last night I went to put a bowl in the sink, stepped squarely on the container, twisted my ankle, my knee and hit the floor hard. Mother clucker did that hurt.

Unfortunately it is my 4th fall since August injuring the same knee and wrist. Personally I am shocked I have not broken my left wrist. Kind of bummed because I fell right before Christmas and it was finally feeling almost 100%.

Anyways, the damned cat comes to me 10 minutes after this harassing me to get back in there and get her a new container.she even dared to use her angry ears.


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Thanks Frenchie, glad you are back!!

I hurt like heck today, but you know me I am tough!

The fur ball is something else. Last night I was brushing her..omg the hair. She wants me to pay on the floor with her and do it. Too funny.

Gotta say wiener dog is way lower maintenance and just gives love.

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I know what you mean. Our kitty is a hot mess and the puppy is way easier to deal with!! Lol

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Cats are EVIL!!! Lol, but seriously glad you are okay. My dog (lab) lays in the middle of our kitchen while I am in there cooking and I have to step over her and she just stares at me with her sad little ASPCA look and I keep telling her if she kills me I can't feed her.

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Aw, Sweet T, sorry about your fall. Sad

Woman, you need to put that wet food in something heavier so kitty cannot move it. You do NOT need another fall!!! {{hugs}}

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I did remind her I am the one who.buys her kitty numnums... That is what we call it. Ungrateful kitty.

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Oh no! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

We have two cats and I swear they will be the death of me. They NEVER move when they are in the middle of a walk way. Sigh. It's a good thing I love them.

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Cats are assholes, but we love them anyway.

And shame on you for making her wait!! LOL

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I literally had to cut out the wet cat food. It drives both of my cats into a frenzy. My older Siamese starts SCREAMING and turns completely entitled. Which drives my Bombay into a neurotic hissy fit which includes unbridled vomiting and unauthorized pooping.

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"...unauthorized pooping..."


However, this sounds like some PigPen and some other skids who seem to enjoy wallowing in p!ssy/poopie pants. :sick:

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Her skin is really dry so hence the wet food. She eats n and d dry food now as well.

She loves treats too. If I am in the kitchen she is begging. She will eat the dogs food too.

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Attempting to kill us is what cats do! I have two, and they're sweet when they want to be, but then they'll sit at the top of the stairs and try to trip me. Or leave a wet pukey hairball in the hallway at night for me to slip on. Have you ever caught your cat staring at you contemptuously? Of course you have! They hate that they were once worshipped as gods, and are now dependent on us for food because they lack thumbs and can't open the can opener.

Make no mistake...this was no accident!

But seriously, I hope you're okay!

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My MIL's cat used to sit on my chest and stare at me at night... Or would meow at me while I was sleeping... About scared me half to death every time... I'm fairly certain she was plotting something... She just passed too early to follow through with it. I fully believe that cats are the devil's spawn... Only. Explanation. (plus BM has like a bajillion, so that only further ingrains there's something wrong with them. LMAO)

I hope you recover quickly!!!

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My Bombay uses ANYTHING as a "speed bag" to attract attention. I had to literally tire him out last night with a toy. He does in on the blinds in the bedroom.
BUP-pi-ta, BUP-pi-ta, BUP-pi-ta, BUP-pi-ta, BUP-pi-ta, BUP-pi-ta, BUP-pi-ta
He does the same on cardboard boxes:
Scrape-scrape, Scrape-scrape, Scrape-scrape, Scrape-scrape, Scrape-scrape,

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I have a giant hole in my foot . My kid had a metal Eiffel Tower on the floor and I stepped on it and it really pierced the thick skin on the bottom of my foot. For days I have been walking like Romy in Romy and Michelle when she is in the too tight heels and is hobbling saying "'my shoe is filling with blood."