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Bring on the coddling!

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BM called DH last night to let him know that SD8 “jumped” onto a skateboard (while the kids were outside WITHOUT supervision) and sprained her wrist. It was apparently SO swollen last night that BM thought it was appropriate to wait until this morning, after SD rolled around on it all night, to take her to the ER. It’s broken. Now, when we pick them up to go to MIL’s this afternoon for the Easter egg hunt, I’ll get to hear everyone coddle her and “ooh” and “ahh” over it. I DO feel bad for SD, but at the same time, I DON’T want to be around everyone doing that. It gets on my nerves.


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I think this happens for a lot of kids who break bones. I do have to say I feel bad for SD because she has a BM who won't get off her butt to supervise her kids properly.

Does DH guilt parent his kids? This could explain your feelings about this. I think its safe to say that if he didn't guilt-parent SD your feelings would be much different.

My advice is to just try and remember that her family is trying to be compassionate towards her about this, even if they're being a little over the top about it. I hope this helps.