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awful sd14

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I try so so hard. I say awww and smile and act like I like this girl. But she is so terrible. Borderline personality disorder manipulations nonstop. Just awful. I can't stand the girl. She is manipulative, two faced, and nasty. Its Friday and she bathed last on.Monday. she trashes me (lies) to other people and other people to me. We used to believe her claims of abuse until I saw what she made up about me.

I can't wait until she is 18.

She is so sick in the head. It really is sad. I drive her every Wednesday to therapy. Where she ta lol ks abiut me hahaha..oh and pay for it too...

She so gross. Uses n word, and all vulgarity. Never in front of me. We took phone again.

She cries she's bullied and abused at school being called slut... but she texts nasty stuff to guys who have girlfriends saying she wants to fuck and meet under the bridge and make out... so...dont want to be called a slut then dont act slutty. She goes to friends houses and puts in their short shorts and spaghetti string tank tops... the girls range from 5'0" & 90 lb to 5'2" 120 lb... SD14 IS 5'3" & 165 LB. yep it looks horrible. Cant button shorts and boobs hanging out... kay... grounded again.

but... when she grounded I'M STUCK WITH HER ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

She colors in a coloring book. Whatever yoy get the grand-nieces you have to get SD14 too...they get coloring books and special Disney princess cup for family dinner night.. yep SD14 has to have it too...

I can't wait until she moves out...four more years... Sad


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She sounds like a peach! Where is Dad? Why is he not taking her to therapy and paying for it? Where is BM? Why is she not bathing? GOOD LORD! You can't not bath at 14!!!

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Dad works 12 hr and 45 min one way commute six days a week. He makes the money, I just write the check.

BM is MIA mostly but back around the past couple months (they just alike with the "im so abuuused" crap).

She bathes if i tell her to otherwise nope. BM husband said BM only bathes once a week a lot of the tine too. BM didnt raise sd. Dh and i did. She still exaxtly like bm (maternal grandparents even said eerie similar sick behaviors fsking illness and manipulations and all that.

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I should hook her up with my SS15. He is also a manipulative liar who's sick in the head. They'd get along great! Oh, and he's dirty too- he pisses the bed on purpose. Fun! I'm sure he's looking for a woman just like Mommy, so with the vulgarity and sluttiness, I'm sure your SD would be suitable.

Caveat: They're not living with me!! }:)

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It was a great idea, if only us "evil steppies" could accidentally drop off Skid{s} at the vets to be spayed/nurtured than we might have something to work with... Maybe one day! Blum 3

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I live in NC and they used to do sterilizations on people who were unfit to breed. It was considered inhumane and stopped in the late 70's. It's times like this I see the reason it should still be in practice!

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I live in NC and they used to do sterilizations on people who were unfit to breed. It was considered inhumane and stopped in the late 70's. It's times like this I see the reason it should still be in practice!

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Disengage. Wash rinse repeat. I wouldn't even waste time with the fake smiles either, I'm sure she sees that as manipulation herself. I have that title of Borderline Personality Disorder and I want to educate others with it bc I think that a lot of people misunderstands what it means. Day to day for me can be a struggle but I'm trying to retrain myself with so much and I find it impossible when I see a person being fake to me. So, if your SD really does have BPD (which sucks to live with), if she sees you as being manipulating then she might think of you as a threat.

Her counseling to you might be one big joke but so was mine back when I was her age. Mine was a joke for many reasons but the biggest issue I struggled with, was thinking that the counselors were being fake with me so I chose to humor them until I could be done with the sessions. Consider looking into getting her help with counselors who deal with Personality Disorders instead of the kinds who are just there to talk. Wink

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Yes borderline and she's better compared to last year, but constantly creating drama and crying that she's abused. It is so exhausting. I keep falling for her manipulations too.

I have her 24/7/365. I can't disengage. I tried for a while and she made my life a living hell. So long as I baby her and praise her daily and give her coloring books and say she's awesome, things are decent.

She carried a little blade out of a pencil sharpener around to show friends how she had a weapon to "cut with". She has scd herself with stuff and got noce red marks (that fade in six hours...) and takes pics of it and sendd to multiple people with a sob story about how that one person is the only one she can talk to... and they dont know she sent same thing to five others... (phone taken away again for that).

She created a account....then created a second account on day 1...and amazing coincidence she was cyberbullied by someone an hour later that was anonymous. ...and who wrote a lot like her writing... and of course she posted it then took a pic and se t it to other people and posted pic of it to instagram! It essentually said "you lathetic and suck go cut yourself more" and her reply of thamks i know i am pathetic i will cut deeper"... she never really cut herself yet. Just scratching and only when she can SHOW SOMEONE!

I want to help her but it doesnt work. I have her 24/7. She bounces between relationships of who she is obsessed with a d loves and cries to about others abusing her and the other person she is at the time being victimized by. It switches up. The savior will be the abuser when she cries to another person.

I'm frustrated. There are times I like her but good god all the BS. I dont trust her. I cant and wont. I am nice but firm with structure. I sometimes feel like I cant stand her But I do care, a lot. Dad works ALOT. BM is MIA mostly but they have same issue and feed off each other when they reconnect. Its awful.

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Has to get exactly same as 5-year-old cousins too. She has a Disney princess cup for family dinner with my inlaws same as cousins. She has to have coloring book too. She makes grandfather cut up her meat, fix her baked potato cuz me no know how is hot....and fix her plate scooping food and buttering roll on Sundays... because the other girls get their plates fixed... she stands with her huge belly against the table along with the little ones saying "I want chocolate cake and ice cream I want the corner piece I want chocolate! "... and the four little girls (ages 3, 5, 5, and SD14)...get their cake plates fixed first....

Oh and I found her internet history full of nasty "what makes you wet" site. No more internet. No more instagram. No more phone in her room.

She stood staring me down (bigger than me same height but heavier) and I said over and over go to your room. She tried to stare me down and back talk. Told me be glad I didnt get hit (I was 30 weeks pregnant: im 37 weeks pregnant now). With this I told her she raise her hand or bring another "weapon" in the house and she will be removed and kicked out. That seemed to register with her fi ally.

You have to be careful around her super careful.

I told dh she bring a weapon broken glass or anything like that and she's going to be OUT. She act like she going to hit she out. She dare call me a name she SOL. Her phon is locked down. She can call text and Facebook only. Music is locked so only dh can put code in to open downnload app as she had NASTY "Music". We pay for it not her so respect rules or I cancel it.