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Well... what was planned as a perfectly happen weekend - turned out to be the biggest disaster of all.. I have no idea WTF is going on.. I have clearly missed something!!
my partner went off at the whole family last night.. no apology... nothing... just right of about me saying one word "whatever" in front of his precious daughter (sd14) and my bd6. I couldn't believe it.. and nasty too... not just a vent but nasty as hell and he didn't care what he said..
WTF I am still trying to get over it..
He narrowed it down to I am a B*?!h.... A B*?!h you say.. if I was such a B*?!h then why was it me that picked up SD14 with a 4 hour drive - why was it me that took SD14 to get her hair done and shopping and spent the entire day with both the girls...
and he had the entire day to himself and friday night to do what ever he would like.
SD14 threw up all over the carpet last night due to all the sweets that he let the girls eat..and all the garlic bread and the meal that she didn't eay.. had she eaten her dinner she wouldn't of just ate everything else in sight!! after the fight I reserved myself to my room to really think about things... He doesn't parent.. there are no rules nothing.. just a free for all and please yourself ... YES YES YES YES YES...
SD14 mum is no better... don't they realise what kind of child they are raising.
What has topped me off to vent is - he gets up this morning. (I didn't sleep in the same bed with him - I mean who would if they thought you were a B*?!h) He says good morning sweethear to hi precious SD14 and completly ignores me and my SD6. WTF!!!!! rude or what..
So I had to vent before I explode!!
What the hell is is problem? I do eveything he has ever asked of me and yet that is still not enough! he wants me to have a relationship with his daughter.. I do.. and it is a hell of a lot better than his with her.
I really am stumped about what to do!

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My DH and BM have done a very lousy job parenting their 3 kids. They were 4,5 and 6 when I came into the picture. My DH did a lot of blaming on his BM's parenting. So I thought I would "help" him in raising the skids. DH seemed to be on board with the co-parenting with me. When the skids started to rebel to structure, DH buckled under the pressure and I was considered a bitch. I'm considered too strict, I've been told I "baited" the children into fighting with them, etc. There are no rules, consequences, structure, manor's, good behavior etc.

Now I am learning to disengage from the skids and DH, during our time with the skids. They are unappreciative and disrespectful skids and DH does not support me. I've taken charge and now I let him be the parent.

When I saw my adult skids I explained that I am disengaging and why, but I also said I'm concentarting on being his wife, why I married him and working on myself. I've raised three bio kids of my own and have realized...these are not my kids, therefore not my problem! Wink

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It would be the last time I picked up his daughter or took her to the hairdressers. He walks out says goodmorning o his daughter and ignores a 6 year old. Is this a one off, or is this how he treats you and your 6 year old all the time, or when his daughter is around. If this is a habit I wouldn't stop at not sleeping in his bed I wouldn't sleep under the same roof with him. I feel sorry for your 6 year old that is terrible to treat a child like that.