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Just FYI

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Just an FYI to everyone since I didn't know this until today - you can make it so that only your friends on here can send you private messages. 

In case anyone else's eyes are exhausted from rolling to the back of their heads from looneys.


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Yes thank you, Aniki clued me in after several days of abuse.  Whoever the crotch dropping is that keeps doing this they need some serious mental help. 

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The weird thing is it's not even a garden variety troll throwing out random insults- they're taking the time to read all of the blogs and get details. Obviously someone very bitter - I'd bet its a BM that didn't want a divorce or had an anchor baby and it didn't work.

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Thanks for posting, Jcksjj. I meant to but have been under the weather.  I will post an aptly titled blog. Smile


Do the following:

  1. Click on the little person in the upper-right.
  2. Click on My account.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Scroll down to Allow private messages from
  5. Select Only those who have an established relationship with me.

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My DH and I found the 'Helga' insults so over the top hilarious that we laughed until our eyes watered. For the rest of the day, DH delighted in referring to me as, ‘Pompous bitch!’, and ‘Pretentious whore!’. As in, ‘Yo, pretentious whore, would you like a tea?’

 I only wish that Helga could know how much fun she brought to us oldsters; we’re far too salty to be wounded by keyboard warriors. And poor Helga; what makes a person so bitter, so angry, that they take pleasure in terrorizing innocent, vulnerable folks. Her mother should have hugged her more… Cray 2


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Forgive my eccentricity but, like an elderly Minion, I've always been drawn to difficult people and welcome exchanges with Helga/ Rhesus_B, awful tho' she tries to be.

Yo, Helga/Rhesus_B, have the pluck to exchange a few words with grannyd; it’ll do us both good. How’s about another PM from you, with the option of my response? This ‘pretentious whore’  eagerly awaits your reply.