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OT: Sad Time Again

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Our little Pearl passed away on Monday.   She was our little pocket kitty but she had a lot of heart.  She could jump like a flying squirrel. It was amazing!

She was all white with green eyes and won a calendar contest at the humane society where we adopted her from in 2006. 

She put up a courageous fight against cancer for almost a year but we had to make a quality of life decision. 


We've lost two precious pets in 6 months and I am so heartbroken.




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I am sorry for your loss. We lost a beloved cat last week. We try to be happy that she showed no signs of sickness and was happy and loved until the end, where she passed in her sleep. We have lost 3 pets in 11 months and it needs to slow down....

HUGS to you and pet lovers who give animals such an awesome home.

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Sorry for your loss, those furry little buggers sure know how to burrow their way into our hearts.

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So sorry to hear this Dawn. We love our pets because they are part of the family. So sorry for your loss.

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My animals are my family, so I I understand and am sorry for the loss of your beautiful, sweet Pearl.

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I am sorry you are giong through this Dawn. Contrary to many beliefs, I do think that we get to be with our fun-loving pets when we go to heaven!

I hope you can someday fill the void that your little cuties left behind.

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I’m sorry for your losses. 

You’ve helped so many of us over the years and deserve all our thoughts in your difficult time 



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I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my "babies" seven years ago and I still miss them every day. Our fur babies are family.

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Terrible news!  May she be crossing the rainbow bridge to pet heaven.



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Oh, Dawn, I am SO sorry. I know how difficult of a time this is for you. {{{{{hugs}}}}}