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OT: Puppy Poison Control

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See Sita it's not just your puppy! My puppy eats what she shouldn't too!!!

I had to call the vet and then the 1-800 number for the medicine she ate. It's a pretty gross story but here it goes.

My puppy really like to eat cat puke! There, I said it. I know, it's soooo gross. Well, this morning was Heartguard(heartworm preventative) morning. The puppy didn't get any because she got off of the other girls' schedule when she was sick. I was in the other room arguing with ss(imagine that) because he had a bad attitude this morning, when I heard one of the cats getting ready to hurl. By the time I ran into the kitchen, I saw part of the puke on my table and the other part GONE with a happy, tail wagging puppy standing where it should have been looking like that cat that swallowed the canary!!! I freaked out because it was less than an hour that I had given the cat her meds.

I called the vet when they opened but the vet wasn't in yet. They told me to call the company that makes the product. That goodness they said it was ok. It's the same active ingredient that's in the dog version. Shewww! I swear this puppy is going to make me have a nervous breakdown!!!



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isnt as gross as eating cat poop which my little long hair chi loves..gross...
I dont get it.

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one."

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after years of dealing with the same thing, that's the matra as I try to beat my dogs to the cat barf

At least they're trying to help?

In terms of poison control for dogs, I had a dog that was SO neurotic and naughty, he ate all sorts of stuff he shouldn't have. We called the vet when he ate tylenol and they said to feed him hydrogen peroxide- that the chemical reacts in the stomach, causing bubbles that makes the dog puke up what he ate.

Figured we'd have to restrain the dog to give him the peroxide.

He lapped it up like soup. And then he puked.

It makes me laugh many years later but it was not fun at the time.