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OT: Hooray!!!!!!!

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I just got the test results back on the puppy and they came back that she is CURED!!! I'm soooo happy I'm over here crying tears of joy!!!!

I have to compose myself to go pick my other dog up at the groomer!!




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I'm glad your puppy is ok. I'm sure that its been tough dealing with this on top of everything else

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I am soooo glad to hear that your baby is okay. I was waiting to see this post from you! What a relief! I went through this same thing with my dog and he was at the vet for 4 days before I was allowed to take him home. He ate a bottle of advil gel caps and they had to pump his little stomach. He kinda acts like he is in a daze once in awhile (he's 4 now) and stares off in to space but other than that he is great! Smile