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pt 3 cabin delayed until nxt week sorry

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so we have been back from the cabin since Sunday....but had visitation again on Monday and yesterday.  I am a bit pissed because DH/disneydad has dropped the ball on EVERYTHING.  The truck has still not been unloaded, the house is a gdamn disaster (he STILL hasn't touched the visitation dishes from 7/2, now we have fruit flies) we haven't gone grocery shopping...oh and to top it off we have a wedding to go to that is two hours away TODAY and he has not checked to see what we need to do to our camper in order to run it only off the battery. ...So guess who only got four hours of sleep? Yep US because after dropping off ss yesterday (remember, nothing gets done when ss is here) THAT is when dh decided "OH..I guess I better make sure our battery works before we leave TOMORROW"(Cue late night Wal-Mart run at 9:30 p.m. to buy a battery charger and fuses).

Now even though the battery is almost fully charged, we can't get the pop-up to switch to battery mode and nothing is getting power.  So now we have to rush home at 1030 today, load up coolers and whatnot in the already messed up truck, haul the camper to the dealership, and pray that it is a 'user error issue" and not a "my camper is a Piece-of-crap" issue. 

The bride hasn't got back to me (been trying since May!!) about where the hell we are supposed to park the damn thing once we get up there, wedding is at 3, anytime I call the campsites front desk to ask for help they keep telling me 'ask the bride' WELL I CAN'T because SHE DOESN"T ANSWER.  Sorry I'm ranting but I'm just so frustrated.  Back in May the bride just told me to "bring an extension cord" and they would plug our camper into one of the cabins...but after downloading our manual it clearly states to NOT do that as it could fry our electrical circuit. Manual is 106 pg long...and says nothing about a "switch" or anything about "dry camping" except for how many amps certain things in the camper uses.  Not helpful. Supposed to be in the low 90's this weekend and we can't run the fans so its going to be like sleeping in a screen tent outdoors.  SO tired.

Wish me luck lol 


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....why you haven't changed your name to iHAVElostit.

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Holey old socks, woman! I'M getting stressed just reading that. Looks like I should have done an Eff Off Friday instead of Forn Friday. Ish.

Hopefully, your DH will get a mental kick in the arse to dislodge his head and get him in gear. {{{hugs}}}

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Good luck getting a dealership's service department to look at your camper in the height of camping season.  I'm not sure why using an appropriately sized extension cord would fry your camper's electrical circuit, but in my experience camper manuals are generally unhelpful.

I don't get the impression that your husband is ever going to get his act together; you might as well resign yourself to that.  But look on the bright side - the skid is gone for the time being.

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Multi outlet surge suppressor and run everything off of the extension cord.  Do not used the camper circuits.  

If 12 V is working then used both. 12 V for lights. And 110 V  the extension cord for everything else.  May not have enough for coffee pot or fry pan. But enough for everything else 

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For two hours away i'd just drive and then drive back after the wedding.  Tell your DH he can't drink since he didn't get the camper ready.