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Day one "visitation from hell"

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So in a last minute panic, DH has decided we are hauling the gdamn camper to his friends house overnight to watch fireworks tonight. He's pissed because he didn't plan ANYTHING for this week with SS other than the cabin trip and says it's a waste of vacation. I'm pissed because the camper is not ready at all, and I think it's a waste of time. I have to go because I'M the insurance holder and if anything happens on the drive I'm the one who has the roadside assistance policy. They won't do anything if it's just DH. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, we have nowhere to set up the pop up camper at home to dry out. This is going to be hell. 


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Seriously, put your foot down on some of this stuff, woman.

I know a lot of men are immature and don't think things through, but damn. Living with this guy just seems way too stressful. And really not worth it.

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Can you add your husband to your roadside assistance?  There's no way I would want to scramble to go on this trip.  Getting a popup ready to go takes a lot of time and effort.  Knowing this jerk, he'll expect YOU to do it.  And putting it down in the rain is a major PITA, not to mention a recipe for mold if you don't have a place to let it dry out at home.  And you know full well that it won't be your husband who is scrubbing the canvas with moldicide and fungicide after that happens.  Tell him NO.

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It's odd because in order to add him (not sure if this is normal, never shared insurance) I need to give my insurance company his social security number.  He has an accident on his record so there is a strong possibility that it would cause my rates to go up.  Also I have the house/my car/camper bundled for discounts.  I don't want his cruddy record raising my rates that he doesn't contribute to.

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"DH, this lack of planning is neither my fault nor my problem. You need to figure out cost-free ways to entertain SS. Try Google."

Sorry, but not sorry. 

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Make sure, He does all the work to set up and take it back to home 

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Luckily our camper can be set up in less than 15 minutes, it's the packing that takes forever since we do not store anything inside the pop-up.