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What's wrong with these SKIDS?

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It is truly shocking how some of them act even after many years of their parents being divorced. My sister was divorced just 2 years ago, she has since dated a guy, which actually, none of us like...but her kids have been amazing. None of the three, ages 14, 17, 20 have complained to her or anyone else in the family about her new boyfriend, etc...when we see the kids, not once have they mentioned if their dad is seeing someone or not...I assume they do the same the other way around. Not once, even when my sister is with her new guy (which is another story), have I seen them disrespect this guy, nor my sister. And this is a rather recent divorce. Their parents were married for 20 yrs, so not like some other kids whose parents were only married for a couple of years. I think that even my DH has learned not to tolerate crap from his daughter by seeing that this is NOT a divorce thing, but a selfish, pain in the ass kid thing.

Heck, my husband has a highschool friend who invited his father and wife to his wedding, but NOT his mother's husband! And guess what? His mom and stepdad take care of his kids ALL the time for him to go party with his wife...heck, they are the ONLY ONES in this darn country that have taken care of my son for me to get a break one time about 7 yrs they are both nice people.

I really just don't understand how anyone puts up with these kids who disrespect them and want their DADDY to go to things alone with them. In my sister's house that does not fly at all. If the kids don't like it, too bad.


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Doesn;t fly in my house either. Dh won't put up with it. It's not a divorce thing it is a parenting problem that both parents refuse to parent! Or put their foot down with their kids and let them know they are not adults! But most don;t want to 'rock' the boat so that their kids will like them. However when ever my kids or skids say they hate me I say 'good I'm doing my job as a parent' And smile and walk away! }:)

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I've always wondered the difference, too. I divorced my husband of 13 years when my sons were 11 and 13. They exhibited none of the behaviors that the skids have exhibited (11, 14, 17, 19 at the time). I get tired of hearing the "children of divorce" excuse. I think they were rotten long before their parents divorce.

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Its not a divorce thing - yet DH still uses that line.

Um DH when you divorced BM, SD was 8, SS was 3.
When I divorced my XH, BD was 8, BD was 4.

my children are well adjusted respectful and no anxiety.

its NOT a divorce thing, nice try...