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Social Structures of Primates... Happy Tuesday

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}:) Bonobos live in sexual societies

Gorillas live in one male, several female, peaceful societies

Baboons live in one male, several female, male dominated societies

Geladas live in one male, several female, female dominated societies

Asian Apes and New World Monkeys are monogamous

Orangutans are single moms

Marmosets and Tamarins start out monogamous and then take on another male to help with child rearing

Lady Chimps sometimes switch families to find a new mate

I did not find any info on crazy BM's and EW's terrorizing new mates, however.


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I will, for the sake of science, sacrifice BM2 for the purpose of experimentation in the hope that the gene that causes BMs to behave like crazed wildabeasts can be isolated and repaired.