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Psycho BM Strikes Again

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So last Monday SO goes to court. Supposed to be the last date, they only have to sign the custody and divorce decree. BMs attorney files a petition for BM to live in home which is currently occupied by renters and, you guessed it, SO to pay her mortgage. On top of her CS and maintenance. SO was just discharged in bankruptcy and house will foreclose. House was offered to her two court dates ago. Then yesterday she denies wanting house when SO hands her the mortgage balance to pay if she wants the house. Surprise. How does a person get to 44 and cannot function, cannot stop using people and trying to squeeze the life out of her ex? Attorney said not to worry you will not have to do that and trying to get maintenance waived. Even your parents don't have to pay after you are 18. What a scam. How about get a J O B?