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Anyone been pushed to the limit?

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Well, SS finally pushed me too far and I let lose on DH. He broke something in my house that should have been avoided. He has been told over and over not to do a certain something and he just continued until he finally broke it. I was livid! DH was livid, but I finally told DH a lot of what was bottled up over the last several months. I have been disengaged, but SS is jerking around with the house stuff now. He listens to nothing!

DH was sympathetic to my feeling and said he understood and he would fix it, he said he is not sure how he let SS get so out of hand and he did not want it affecting me or our marriage! Awww good DH right?! HA!

He took SS out in the yard for about 5 minutes and they walked back in laughing. ARRRGGGG!!! I have seen this before if DH gets on him. DH starts out good and then freaks out and feels bad and starts making jokes to make SS laugh. I wanted to puke. I told DH that was sick and I went to bed. The next morning I get up and SS had made a huge mess in the kitchen and did not clean it up. That is a big no no in my house. I went livid again. BUT …..

I told DH, that was it, I let him handle all this mess with SS up until now, and he has f’ed it all up because he is so scared of SS. DH knows I am disengaged, BUT, I told him I was getting on SS ass next time he does anything stupid in my house. If he overloads the washer one more time, he will not be allowed to use it and will have to go to washateria. If he makes a mess and does not clean it up, he will not be allowed in kitchen after we are in bed. ECT, ECT ECT.

I told him that I was sick of a 17 year old running my house. I told him that SS is 17 and not a mentally handicapped 5 year old like DH treats him. I mean it, I am about to become the evil step mom!! Insert evil laugh here!!!

I could give a rats patoot if he fails school or comes in hours late, or whatever, but if he dis respect my house one more time, I will let loose on that boy like no bodies business. DH actually seemed to like the idea and that made me even madder. Why can’ HE step up and parent his own freaking kid!!!!!! And I don’t think he will like it the first time I freak on SS, but too damn bad. Bring it on big boy. I have had it.


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of course that's what DH wants. because then he's not the bad guy and he can say to his DS that Willow is really stressed and if you could just abide by her rules for a little bit she'll relax and things will go back to normal. Hang in there buddy.
at least that's how it'd go in my house.
i over hear this get more pissed and go searching for the vodka.

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i read these horrible stories and i am scared shitless of what my ass gnats are going to turn into.

and then i think "well, i'll do this and i'll do that and those little fucks won't screw with starfish or her stuff"

but really a 17 yr old boy, you tell them to "not do this and not do that" and they say "fuck you and do it anyway" just short of calling the police, what can you really do? ground them and they walk out of the house anyway, take away the house key and they bust your window (maybe in extreme cases), but with out the bioparent 100% beside you and making the calls ~ so you don't sound like the bitch causing all the problems in skids eyes (really,so your tires don't get flattened/slashed), what do you do?

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I'm sure DH would love it if you let loose--makes you the evil witch and him the good guy. I gotta tell you, I got to this point a few months back with adult SS. I had finally had it, and snapped like a twig and let him have it with both barrels. Sigh....not exactly a shining moment in my life, but, what's done is done. Put him out of the house (he has his own house and only "hit" us once or twice a week for dinner) and have been quite pleasantly disengaged ever since. DH isn't overly pleased, but until HIS kids get themselves together, this is the way it's gonna be!

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Lady, my limits have been chopped up, put in a collander, strained, boiled, and eaten for brunch. I feel your pain. Im sorry.