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How do you handle hitting your limit?

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Hi all!!

Loving this forum!! I'm a sm to a 9 yo boy and 18 yo girl. Bio mom is not a "mother" and thinks she is a teenager still. SS9 lives with her but is with us every other weekend and one additional night a week. I find it overwhelming a lot dealing with him, cooking, cleaning, working and having two dogs. What do you all do to reset yourself and relax?

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Yes, cherry flavored vodka, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice and sprite. Recipe from Smokey Bones-they call it a red-headed hottie. Love it.

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Yes ~ vodka !!!

Hakuna mavodka ~ it's means no worries for the rest of our days.

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Hell, I've got the member card for the Wine and Liquor Warehouse on my key fob! }:)

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yep... fermented grapes do it for me...

Even if SD is here, her dad is responsible for 100%. When she asked for juice a few weeks ago? I offered her a beautiful chardonnay... it's all we had.... LOL. Not my problem he didn't grocery shop for the snowflake.

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It's clear I'm doing this step thing wrong. I'm not drinking enough! Smile And Ipeedinyourcornflakes - I LOVE your avatar and your "recipe." I may have to borrow those!!

And "the snowflake." And hakuna mavodka. Man, I love you guys!

I think I'm starting to love this site for than Facebook. And Amazon. That says a lot. Smile

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I have a SD12 and SS8. I don’t mind helping if I don’t have to deal with them directly. I do the cooking so I get to make what I want and I can appear busy for as long as I need to in order to avoid other things!

We have them half the time, so EOWE that we don’t have them, I really make that time with DH count (sleep in if we want; have a dinner out and maybe rent a movie; just enjoy the peace and quiet). On the weekends we have the kids, I try to busy myself with chores around the house. I escape to our bedroom as often as I can for some solitude. I need to find a good hobby/activity to get involved in so I can be out of the house more often!

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"I don’t mind helping if I don’t have to deal with them directly. I do the cooking so I get to make what I want and I can appear busy for as long as I need to in order to avoid other things!"

And this^ If I didn't cook, DH would just buy fast food, and I don't want that. I could give a fuck if they like what I make though.

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I take yoga classes to relax, I volunteer at the local animal shelters, I hide at my neighbors house, she was a former smom to a SD, she feels my pain, lol.

Oh yeah, and alcohol. Blum 3

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Red wine and dark chocolate. And when necessary, sneek out back door and go around house to deck. Have to be able to do this in such a way that nobody notices you so you can be alone. Don't forget your Ipad! Wink

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I go into a cleaning rage...or I'll mow the lawn with the push mower....Since i disengaged though...I can't say that I get too over extended about step kids anymore...

I still clean the house and mow the lawn, but it doesn't get done near as

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Tequila and excercise. A double or tripple on the rocks with jalapeno stuffed olives. Hiking some good parks works too.

Both works best. Tequila when at home in the evenings. Hiking at lunch time.

But ... mostly a quality tequila. }:)

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I put in my ear buds and turn Pandora radio up super loud on my phone. Even if the skids are whining and I can actually still hear them, I act like I don't lol! Happy dance! Alcohol definitely helps the situation also. I like to take frequent trips to starbucks as well to escape, even if its only around the corner.

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I don't drink, and I have two SDs. WTF is wrong with me lol? I go get my hair done an hour away. Sometimes with foils, because then it takes 3 hours. Esp if it's summer and SD19 is home. LOL I'm really a homebody and it killed me this summer bec SD19 sat on her ass more than she did last year. I retreated to my room quite a bit and found all of you in July!

~ Moon

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Every other weekend and one day during the week damn id love that arrangement. We have 3 weekends a month and unlimited extra days which DH takes full advantage of. Sometimes we are asked to take her on our weekend.