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What am I supposed

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Greetings, ShinyMoose.i

Welcome to Steptalk!

Now you just jump right right and post away on whatever it was that brought you here looking for other stepparents. You can vent. You can ask for advice or just share your situation and know there are other's of us out here who can relate to the ups and downs and hardships of being a stepparent. 

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Don't exactly know where to begin. Perhaps tell you what brought me here and where the state of things are at so you can ask me questions and fill the blanks as needed?

She and her two Skids (f 14, m 16) now avoid me altogether for the past two weeks. She sleeps in the guest room with her 14 yo daughter. Both kids have their own rooms, bath, playroom etc. I pay for everything. The house is my name only, I own both cars and she uses one of them. I thought I was doing the right thing but I am being stepped all over. She is completing her medical assistance degree by year's end and says she will get a job and move out then and asks to just allow them to stay until then. I tried hard to help with parenting but she refuses to let me and gets VERY angry when I point out that tey don't do their agreed upon chores, homework, etc. The boy has ADHD and is a computer gamoholic, which worries me. I am unemployed and desperately looking for work. What are my options right now? I am depressed, hurt, feel rejected and unable to figure out what I did wrong and what to do next. The first two years of what will be four in December were great. Love is gone, only hatred in her eyes toward me and she has turned the kids against me. I have never been abusive, other than arguments about things, in any way that I can honestly say that I know or recall.

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Change the locks, take back your car keys and get on with your life.  If she is out of the relationship then she should be out of your life as should her kids.  She is using you. Stop voluteering to be her money bitch.

Take care of you.