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So I pick up my stepdaughter this weekend for breakfast with Santa and she very quickly tells me that her mom's bf needs to be out of their house by this Friday- SD says that mommy is acting really different than before and given the fact that she is 11- I ask her what she meant by that. She states mommy is different- she doesn't talk much anymore, X-Mas tree isn't up, she doesn't answer the phone, etc. So obviously mom is depressed. Let me remind you this is #2 man that left her for another woman.


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for those ladies and gentlemen that have AIM my screen name is dianna1350

life is just grand

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so I just went to the mailbox and guess what now? My ex and I have been through Domestic's regarding childsupport for the past 2 years. We had a hearing (only the lawyers) in front of the judge last week. I got a letter today stating our exceptions are denied and that his support got lowered even though he was fired from a job- they previously went on earning capacity- life just gets better every day- up until the past few years I never had these problems- yikes.


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OK to begin with I met my now husband 10 years ago. He had a daughter with a previous girlfriend, for many years the mother kept the girl from him because he left her. Nonetheless when we moved in together, we went for visitations. Over the next several years things begun to get better. After 6 years she finally met someone else. Things started to change, the boyfriend was controlling thus she was not able to maintain a reasonable relationship with either of us. We tried to get shared custody of the girl and the judge did not see it our way.