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My dad and ss21.5 and family weddings

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So earlier this year my dad was meant to fly to hubbys country where i was living but was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery (he’s perfectly recovered and fit to fly). Hubby originally bought a ticket for my dad to spend time with us every year and we managed to reschedule the flight because of the emergency surgery. 

It turns out there will be 2 of hubbys nephews getting married. The day after i arrive , one nephew is having a wedding reception, following weekend another nephew is getting married and having his wedding reception. 

Hubby resenting marrying me and having 2 kids together (update)

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hubby left about 30mins ago to the airport back to his country for work. I was busy doing laundry and avoiding being around him as i have nothing to from yesterday.

our toddlers both cried hysterically seeing their dad go, i’m sure if they even knew and understood that daddy said it was a mistake to have them and marry me, they wouldn’t be crying seeing him fly back... they’d more than likely want nothing to do with him.

I think hubby just told me he resents me and having kids with me (In disguise)

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I left the house today with our toddlers for a few hours, to do some errands and baby supplies etc. Hubby acts so responsible messaging me about 2 hours in asking where i went because its his duty as husband to care for me and our security.

i called him a hypocrite and if he really cared abour our safety, security and happiness, for starters he would have fed the toddlers 2 nights ago when they were under his watch, he would have stepped up a long time ago and he would never allow us to be trampled over by skids and exwife

Seriously hubby.... is this too hard for you??

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 BeHubby took a few weeks off work to visit us as our daughter gets prepped to go to kindergarten soon and i attempt to finish my degree in my country, something he agreed upon years and months ago.

we’re mid semester now so loads of assignments and exams on the same week/weekend and hubby knows i am extremely busy this week and weekend and he flies back for work overseas this weekend.

Taking abusive, neglectful bio mum to court for sole custody of 14 yr old

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When she is a pas aggressor too.

hi all,

just curios for those who have dealt with a neglectful bio mum, in our case she palmed off s14 to sd23.5 to care for, for the past 3 years. She had forcibly taken the 2 girls and cut off contact with hubby 3 years prior to palming off the youngest.

She has been taking the child support payments and supposedly gives some money to sd23.5 to care for sd14.

Double standards cont....

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Hi all, my previous post several days ago about he double standards with hubby going above and beyond for his 3 kids with exwife to make life super easy but the same doesn’t apply for me. 

Well after my kids being sick and hopefully on the mend, i started focussing on ensuring they get better and catch up with my uni studies as i’m basically a week behind.

hubby telling me he wasn’t gonna address skid issues, the double standards and i had to suck it up smile happy and tolerate and accept it just because hubby had given up.

Double standards in blended families...

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I recently moved back to my country in preparation for my daughter starting kindergarten and to finish my degree so we’ve been 3 weeks in my country with a 2 & 3.5 yr old. It was impossible to continue my studies back where my hubby is from as no internet signal as we’re in a blackspot.

Hubby and me agreed on sending our kids together to school in my country as there is a higher level of education there.

Hubby wants me to go to a work department celebration with 2 sd’s that i’ve disengaged from

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So hubby told me he has a department holiday celebration for their staff and families and we could stay in a hotel near his work for convenience and he’s invite his daughters. 

My response to this was i will be busy as i have just finished university exams, i have 3 weeks to pack as me and our 2 toddlers are moving back to my country as I’m finishing my degree and my daughter will start school there in a few months so we need to be settled. Unfortunately where we live the internet has been problematic so this has been the decision we both came and agreed to.