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Article “The pandemic has slowed down the divorce process”

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have a read of this article


its centred more on USA but pretty much says the courts won’t take too happily to ex-spouses using the pandemic to benefit in a divorce, that the courts are there to kepp spouses in line, especially the ones who don’t behave and think they are above the law.

lawyers are caught in childish letter wars between ex spouses

How is everyone holding up with coronavirus where you are??

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Australia just released their 3 step plan on reducing restrictions with stage 3 done by mid july. No international flights this year will be allowed not even by christmas, only students can fly back home but no Australians will be allowed to leave the country which means there will still be hardly any international flights operating.

“Danial Craig (aka James Bond) says inheritance is distasteful and is in a blended family

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came across this article today. Here is a man who will not leave inheritance for his kids, i’m all for providing for minors whilst still young because you should be providing for them but as adults we should be launching...


“Skids (sd24, ss21.5 & sd14) resent that me and my kids with hubby exist

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because of percieved double standards”

thats what hubby told me when i told him I don’t think i can fly next month back to his country because of my university studies, one of my subjects is full on and 2 assessments every week, we have no cell reception at our home there and as we live more in the country, i also told hubby I wasn’t interested staying in a home that his grown arse son can continue to be disrespectful in and shun us and just make home environment so hostile.

4 year old daughter doesn’t even recognise her half brother as a brother or even his name...

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for kindergarten next week the kids get to do story time where they talk about there family. You bring in a picture and the teacher asks who is this and this person. So we have our annual holiday pic which my adult ss (now 21.5) is in and my dad. My daughter can say her dad, brother, mummy and granddads name... 

45yr old adult with a minor child living at home with elderly parents and no intention to move out!!

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So for those of you who know we are in final stages of settlement. Hubby transferred all funds for purchase of our home in my country of birth that our 2 kids are going to school in, home is in my name since skids have as per bio mums instructions told him to sell property and transfer into their names only.

well today agent tells me the current owners of home we purchased and supposed to move into early-mud next week has hit a minor hiccup.

Mini family holiday with demonspawn miniwives sd’s14 & 24 / nephews wedding reception pt 2

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So this afternoon hubby tells me that this friday we’ll try leave in the afternoon to drive 3 states away for his nephew’s wedding reception which i am excited to go to and catch up with hubbys family. Hubby says we will pick up his daughters along the way as they will be waiting at a petrol station. 

Hubby wants to invite intolerable sd24 & 14 along to nephew's wedding

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We have my husbands nephew’s wedding reception in a few weeks, hubby asked me last night is it ok to invite his daughters along (the 2 sds who put me in my rightful place beneath them all, who rant about bio mum and stepdads life like they are way more important than us, who feed my kids whatever and do inappropriate things when i say no and claim its ok we’ll do it)

Bought a new home, hubby wants to furnish it for entertaining disrespectful adult skids so they have a place to stay

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so we are in the process of looking at furniture to buy for a home me and hubby bought in my country overseas wgere i am current finishing my university studies and my 2 toddlers/young kids are about to start school.

we are on a budget that i want to smartly spend within on things that are a priority, hubby wants to furnish 4 bedrooms with queen size beds and i have told him our 2 young kids should be in single or king single beds as their first grown up beds. Hubby says no its a waste of money when we have the mattresses already.