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Am I in the wrong?

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So, I've been raising my SS who is 6 for awhile now. In janauary BM decided to move to Kentucky we live in Cali. Prior to this year my SS has been under my care and my husbands more. She had a job that would require to live in different states and would only see him once a month. Then COVID happen and he stayed with us for 4 months straight.

I'm the primary parent-its alot!!!!

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I have been a step mom for about 4 years. My step son is 6 years old. He calls me mom. I love him and care for him. His Bio mom decided to move away at the beginning of the year 2021 to a new state. I have legal guardianship of my stepson as my husband is in the military. His bio mom was gone the majority of 2019 and with COVID 2020 I was the one who would take care him because she works with machinery and I work from home.