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SO talked to BM about bringing the skids here on Monday (his week)- with no exceptions, and she's say she going to be bringing them regardless whether they want to or not. 

When they get here, SO will be sitting down with them. and going to first, talk about how they're feeling about everything that's going on i.e  us getting married in a couple of months; them hating me ,and accusing  me of trying to take SO away from them (he is going to be validating them) and secondly how they are going to treat me going forward (with RESPECT! They don't have to like me, but they do make to RESPECT me).

I'm a little nervous actually, not going to lie. These kids(Sd13, Ss12) are basically angels to everyone except me, but hopefully starting on Monday and afterwards, that will change. 


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It's about consistency.  I took matters into my own hands when the skids disrespect me.  I just tell them how it is when my DH doesn't.  Most likely these skids won't change however you can make them respect you.  Good luck Smile

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Excellent.  Glad BM is turning out to be on your side.  Believe it or not, kids don't really want that kind of power, it's scary. They want adults to take charge. 

Keep strong - it might get worse briefly before it gets better. But if BM and DH stick it out together, it will work.