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Ex-FDH is seeing Bm

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 We were supposed to get married in April but we ended up breaking up back in December because ex-ss was having mental issues with everything that was happening. 

 I was starting  to feel normal again. My friend and I went to dinner last night. We ended up seeing my ex and Bm there eating. It looked like they were on date. Tried to maintain composure but that didn't make it hurt any less. My friend was trying to convince me that she would go somewhere else but I didn't want to. Maybe we should have but I didn't want to let his presence force me out. By the time I got home, I was a mess. 

Why did it hurt so much? How long does it take for this feeling to go away?? 


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You've been run over by a toxic train and it will take some time.  You might have just been  a bit player in the "great romance of him and BM"  puke.  Those kids were playing major mind games on you.  

check out the website for some articles on getting over a toxic situation.  Be glad you are out of it and have a life time of oppportunity in front of you.  

It hurt so much because you kept loving when he turned stoic.  He has no heart.  

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"It hurt so much because you kept loving when he turned stoic"- Deep down I still do. I don't kno why but I do. Apart of me was hoping that he would come to miss me but he didn't. I feel so stupid for feeling like that now 


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It hurts because it was probably your worst fears being realized and you feel like everything you had was a lie. ((hugs))

The good news is that, for you, it was real. You were in it for the long haul. You truly and deeply loved. Sometimes our love is lavished on chumps who never deserved it.

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Oh, hon. I'm sorry! {{{HUGS}}}

IMO, I cannot imagine they will make it. Again. They split up for a reason.

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Wow, you really dodged a bullet.  Either women are fungible to this man or he was not truly emotionally available to marry you.

Of course, that doesn't make it hurt any less.  Everyone gets over something like this on their own timeframe.  I hope you can avoid running into them again, and that you find peace and happiness soon.   ((((HUGS))))

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What a crappy thing to have happen.

I am really sorry this happened, and it is definitely every step parents nightmare.

Just owch.

Take care of you!

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Oh hell no. That is THE nightmare. Think of this way though... he had to go digging in the trash to pull out some leftover relationship that wasnt good the first time. Hold your head high and be glad you are done with that part of your life and you are on to bigger, better, NEWER things. 

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I hope you looked great and bonus points if some hot, younger guy flirted with you so your loser ex could feel a pang of jealousy and loss.

Good riddance! You are worth better, I promise! *hug*

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and what you do. He is your past. You have no idea what  it why they were having dinner, but it should not matter what he does.

If you spend time looking back  you may stumble into your future.

A healthy approach is to hope that peace and happiness will come to the both of you.

Go forward with positive thoughts  and confidence.

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It is a humiliation, but had you stuck with him you'd be PRAYING for him to go back to the BM and his whackadoo first family within the first 3 yrs.  TRUST me on this one!!!!!!! 

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So if the skids forced you out and mommy & daddy get back together, they will force anyone out who ever dares to date their daddy. He will be miserable and alone and you will move on to much better things. I hope it happens soon for you.

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Chef works with a guy like this.  I'll call him "Rocker" because he plays drums on the side.   "Rocker" NEVER moved on for YEARS meanwhile the BM has had various steady BFs and would literally call Rocker to fix her car, furnace, roof, you name it.  HIs kids treat him like SHIT and never call him.  He just got released from CS (this is a 21 state) and now the BM  lost a GOOD job with the county by being "fight the power" with the management IN THE FIRST YEAR OF THE JOB!!

Seems she was so reliant on Rocker's CS payments that she somehow fogot that safety net is no longer there!  Anyway this guy snivles around her and plays step and fetch in the hopes they will get back together (they never will)

I told Chef I bet he is subsidizing her now that she threw away her job at the county!!! 

You ain't missin' NOTHING!!!

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Love this: he had to go digging in the trash to pull out some leftover relationship that wasnt good the first time.

You need to frame that quote!

My guess is BM is stroking his broken ego. Guarantee they stay together just long enough to have another crotch dumpling. 

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Wow, I'm really sorry. Talk about a knife to the heart. At least he isn't bringing anyone else into this debacle, the two of them can figure out the mess they created.

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That really sucks.  I think the kids finding the key to dadddeee's guilt and sending them back to BM is the secret fear of every SM.  Unfortunately there have been just enough members that it has happened to that we are reminded just how possible it is.  I really wish there was some way to screen out men who had no business joining up with another woman in the first place.  Hopefully you know that it has nothing to do with you.  That anyone he was with would have had the same experience.  I hope you can put this rat bastard behind you soon and if he ever comes back around telling you how unhappy he is with BM that you wordlessly hang up the phone or shut the door in his face.  Sometimes cold silence says far more than any words ever could.

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can alert us to a sale at a store we might like if we are within a  few miles of it.  Why not a "Undatable Man" app?  Would go off with red flags and alarm bells within a 3 foot radius of any Guilty/Disney Dadddeeeeee with a Mini Wife and Tyrannosaurus Ex roaming about.

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You dodged a bullet! You loved and did all you could but consider this a blessing. I know it won't make you feel better but in time you will heal. You will look back at that day and know that you were saved from a lifetime of misery.

Remained blessed darlin'!