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Ss12 is writing dark things

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it's Bm week with the skids, and things have been pretty quiet at home. Bm and SO have been communcating about Ss. Bm took him to the doctors for a full physical and everything came back normal. At both houses, the computer history was checked and Bm went through Ss's phone. Everything seemed normal until SO found Ss' journal. 

Bm got Sd and Ss into keeping a reflective journal, so they can have a safe place of their thoughts,  find a place to vent, wrtie about their day, any lessons they learned. It's actually pretty neat and they respond well to it. 

Ss left his here and SO found it in his room underneath the pillow. He did have some issues about going thorugh it, but went through it anyways. The entires dating for the last 2 week were dark. 


"I was born alone, and I'll remain alone.... emptiness" 

"People say that ending up alone is the worst. Being around people who make you feel alone is far worse that living alone"

"Physically I'm not alone, but mentally there isn't anyone around me at all" 

and the one that really broke  SO's heart:

"Those that "love" me only see me  when I smile and laugh, but they don't see the meltdowns I have when I'm alone. I'm breaking in front of them and they don't even see me. If they could read my mind, they would be in tears. if I were to  dissappear,  would they even care?"

SO sent pictures to BM and they talked on the phone for a bit, and Bm has already made an appointment with a therapist for some time this week. We took the kids (sd and ss) for 2 weeks while Bm ent out of town to see her sick mother, so she offered to have them for another week to make it up to us, but SO now wants  them to come for his week. 

SO and Bm are both going to talk to Ss.

What should I do to help?



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Sounds like depression. I'm glad they are taking him to a therapist. Mental health issues are on the rise among kids now, it's very sad. Still doing the Stepford Kid behavior?

Just be kind to SS and loving and supportive to DH.

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Ss barely speaks to anyone. He only responds, nut never intaties a conversation. Even with his responses, they're poliet, but one word. 

The only person that he's that he can have a semi- conversation with is sd, but even with her he's distant. but compared to his interactions with everyone else, he's better with her 

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I'm glad they are taking him to a therapist, sounds like it will help him a lot. It's unusual for a 12 yo boy to be able to identify his feelings like that!

Divorce is hard on kids, even the most amicable ones.

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entire websites dedicated to writing like that geared for teens and young adults.

this isn't new. Even Lydia in Beetlejuice was writing stuff like this 30 years ago. "I am utterly alone".  It's dramatic and angsty, no one understands me because I'm special and different.

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the morose prose of an angsty teen? 


Also, why was DH reading the journal if it's supposed to be a safe space? It seems like reading it is breaking an implicit agreement of privacy. Could the kid be testing that privacy by writing grumpy things?