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SD17 Offers Vape to DD10

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SD17 asked DD10 if she wanted to vape! And offered it to her!!! DD overheard me telling DH that in SD's last visit I couldn't believe she pulled out a vape pen and took a drag from it right in front me. That's when DD chimed in that SD offered it to her to try. She said it happened a few weeks back. DD always waits a long time to tell me these things. (SD rarely comes over anymore.) I hate that I have to explain to DH that its illegal for 17 year olds to vape and what kind of parents just allow it under their roof? He agreed but that means nothing. He turns into a comple moron when it comes to SD. I hate to say that about him but its sadly true.

More importantly I'm furious at SD for offering DD a vape. What kind of person offers such a thing to a 10 year old? My older sisters never offered me anything having to do with addictive chemicals. Even if DD was in her teenage years it would still not be acceptable. Older siblinga are supposed to be protective of younger siblings. There is no excuse for it. I know teenagers make bad decisions, are immature, want freedom, and don't have a fully developed brain. Besides all that, a normal teenager knows not to give nicotine to a child!

I asked DD if she tried it . I had to ask. She quickly said no and how bad it is for your health. She must of later looked into it because recently she started going off about vaping and lung injury. (I hope anyone here who vapes doesn't take any of this personally. I know cigarettes are really bad and I smoke. I vape sometimes.) I did a lot of stupid and thoughtless things as a teenager, but offering drugs to kids was never one of them.


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I don't know, I'm 8 years younger than my sister, and 7 years younger than my brother,  and I could see them doing something like this, just a stupid teen thing.

Lucky for her 10-year-olds are usually very morally righteous and against things like smoking/vaping.

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What was your DH's response to this? I would have been PISSED. Good on your DD that she didn't take her stupid SS's guidance. What an a*hole.