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Stepson moving in & on drugs

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So stepson now 24, after living with his partner of 3 years & having a baby now 1 and previously living with her mother has chosen to walk away from his family as she dosnt want him smoking pot or harder drugs. He has smoked pot for 10 years & she's always asked him to stop but he won't even losing his licence & now getting it back he went straight back to pot. He had a choice to make & he picked drugs over his child & now hubby said he can come here to live more for grandbaby to know she's safe when he has her.


SD17 Offers Vape to DD10

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SD17 asked DD10 if she wanted to vape! And offered it to her!!! DD overheard me telling DH that in SD's last visit I couldn't believe she pulled out a vape pen and took a drag from it right in front me. That's when DD chimed in that SD offered it to her to try. She said it happened a few weeks back. DD always waits a long time to tell me these things. (SD rarely comes over anymore.) I hate that I have to explain to DH that its illegal for 17 year olds to vape and what kind of parents just allow it under their roof? He agreed but that means nothing.


Munchkin in the middle

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So, Toxic Troll and her mini me, Feral Eldest, got into it again today.

They fight, they break up, they make up. Its very cyclical.

And just last night things seemed peachy. They went to Mc Dnoalds together, Toxic Troll had a "shaking car problem" and immediately texts DH at 10pm, while we were in bed. He ignores.

This am, he texts me that the two are getting into it BIG TIME. Name calling. And that he heard about it from munchkin. I chuckled and then asked him "oh, what effing crazy b!tch drunk whore? What names lol?"