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Munchkin in the middle

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So, Toxic Troll and her mini me, Feral Eldest, got into it again today.

They fight, they break up, they make up. Its very cyclical.

And just last night things seemed peachy. They went to Mc Dnoalds together, Toxic Troll had a "shaking car problem" and immediately texts DH at 10pm, while we were in bed. He ignores.

This am, he texts me that the two are getting into it BIG TIME. Name calling. And that he heard about it from munchkin. I chuckled and then asked him "oh, what effing crazy b!tch drunk whore? What names lol?"


How do I even?

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I've been married for 7 years and my role as stepmom was Christmas. Spring Break, and summer.  The kids get along well with me. Until recently, the kids lived in another state with mom. She died suddenly several months ago and now they live with us.  Stepdaughter, AR, is high school age and stepson, WG, is middle school. They both, especially AR, have founded and unfounded abandonment issues with dad. The divorce and following years were not generally friendly.