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Kicked Out SD17 sort of

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I only say sort of because she had already moved out months ago. When she was living with us she was rarely home. She would always be out running around and staying with friends. Then she moved in with her mom and then when that didnt work out she moved back in with us except she only brought a few  things of clothes and was still gone almost every night. She wanted her old room back but her brother refused and we didnt think it would be fair to just give it back to her.

So today she graced us with a visit. I'd been doing laundry all day. I had about half a load in the washer and was in the process of gathering more to add to the load. When I went into the laundry again I saw that she had pulled my load out and was running her own load.  I saw she was outside and I so I stepped out the door and told her its rude to pull out someone else's laundry to put her own in and she needs to get it out. She just looked at me and went back to texting. So after a bit I called her dad who then called her. I dont know what he said to her but she came unhinged. I was walking back out the door to get something out of my car and she comes flying in the door. She yelled at me to move and attempted to shove me out of her away. I told her sternly that she will not talk to me that way or ever touch me and she needs to leave this instant. She told me to shut the f**** up and stop talking to her. Leave now I repeated. Then she said she would gladly leave because she is sick of my toxicity. (She is never here long enough for any possible interactions between us let alone a toxic one.) I said I didn't care which I really don't care anymore. Then she went back outside with her clothes from the washer while ranting and raving to her other brother about me. Then they left. Good riddance. I think most of her anger came from her hangover and that DH backed me up. I like that since her stuff isn't at our house she no longer has the opportunity to do one of her dramatic moving out and packing her things act.


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What a foul creature - good riddance!   I imagine her Dad told her off when he called her.  I would refuse to have such a cow in my house again after she'd behaved that way to me. 

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I would have just taken her stuff out and put mine back in.  And let DH know she's no longer allowed to do laundry there.

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And I am puerile enough to dump it on the floor... But maybe not enough to stomp all over it. 

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I honestly don't understand why at 17 she was allowed to come and go as she pleases... I am glad she is out of your house for your sake but her parents are both failing her big time.

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I hate that she just looked at you and went back to texting. But I love that your DH backed you up. That's a win!