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Taking a poll.. is this ok?

misslisa's picture as mentioned before. I am living w my man paying in toward his house that he now calls our house.  (documents putting me on the deed etc are in the works). SD (26) and husband live here and do not pay anything. They are aware I am paying in.


This house belonged to BF and xwife. She left him hanging w a huge second mortgage and other debt which he has cleaned up. There was also physical abuse on her part--throwing stuff, pulling down furniture, locking him and daughter out of house etc. They have been divorced 7 years.

SD just got married and keeps reminding us she will COME BACK when she gets DIVORCED!

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OMG Hope you all can help shed some light on this. A little history first. My BF and I have been together 2 years and I  just moved in inAug to his home (which I am helping to pay for). His grown 26 year old daughter and her husband live w us too.