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Pulling away from Daddy

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My parents divorced when I was 9. We were required by CO to visit my dad EOW until we were 16. Then we were allowed to choose our visitation. I kept it up for a while, and moved away at 18 for university. I don't have a great relationship with my Dad, so I don't think I'm the best example of how young adults handle visitation after 16. After reading here a ton, it seems like young adults/late teens living in two households begin pulling away from their parents and picking a "home base" naturally.

The Scrunchie War

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Haven't seen the skids in a while. We picked them up yesterday for a quick dinner out. SD17 gets in the car and the following conversation occurs:

SD17: "Okay, I'm kind of pissed off right now."

SO: "Why?"

SD17: "That's my scrunchie."

Me: "Come again?"

SD17: "You're wearing my scrunchie."

Me: "No, this is mine. Your dad was with me when I bought it."

SD17: "No, that's mine."

Me: "SD17, I have never violated the girl code with you."

SD17: "Girl code?"


Deciphering a text from SD16

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I haven't seen either SD for some time now. SO mentioned that he didn't want to put me through any more stress, so we're spending time separately. SDs would also now prefer not to have me around. Works for me.

SD16 (almost 17) sent me this text two days ago from her father's phone, after I'd asked him if he was on his way back from an errand. It seems bitchy to me - she may have been trying to be funny, but her version of being "funny" is to insult you and laugh.

What’s beyond disengagement

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I've been deleting my blogs out of an abundance of caution, although my SO isn't much for technology.  And to be honest, the progression of his (and my) relationship with the skids is like so many here, to the letter. Disney Dad buys everything, skids expect more and more but value less and less. Daddy tries putting his foot down and skids freak out and threaten to leave.  Dad runs himself ragged, beats himself up emotionally, and tries to rationalize their behaviour.

OT - Fork Covid

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Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I just found out there's an outbreak of one of the new variants at work and our whole office is shut down. We've all been sent home to self isolate, although most of us have been vaccinated.

Stay safe everyone. We had so many safety protocols in place but Covid still found it's way in. 

OT - Quarantine 15 fitness plan

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Warning - this post is going to be over the top optimistic.  I'm in a great mood.

Like just about everyone else I know, lockdown has kicked my previously healthy and lean butt. Lack of motivation to exercise and a crap diet have caught up to me, and I'm a little squishier than I'd like to be.  I'm a cyclist and a runner, but I haven't had the motivation to cycle at all in months, and running right now would be ROUGH.  I needed something new.

I was an annoying SD

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My parents split when I was nine. They were very young (married at 20 and divorced by 30), and the catalyst for the divorce was my Dad's affair partner, who he married a year later and had one more child with. He'd had three girls with my Mom, and one with my Stepmom.  I'm not close with my youngest sister (Dad's and SM's daughter) due to behaviours on all parts, mine included.