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Time with just one SD

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SD17 is quarantined with her mother, and SD15, who isn't sick (still not sure if it's COVID because BM refuses to test and SO is being vague), has been spending time with us. She's been a delight, and I mean that 100%. She's been cooking with us, hiking local trails, tidying up after herself, and has just been altogether fun to be around.

Skids are sick

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The SDs are feeling sick. SO and I haven't seen them since Boxing Day. As per my blog history, they and their mom are unvaccinated and BM is anti-mask.  They have access to free rapid tests but the girls are afraid of them, and he feels he can't force them to take one.

How to tell if someone is a total piece of poo

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BM is antivaxx and Qanon.  Her teenage kids are unvaccinated, both for COVID and for most childhood vaccines. SD15 wants to get the shot but is terrified that it'll kill her, and SD17 thinks it's a microchipped poison laced godless control jab from the government meant to take away our free will. (And she will scream this in your face if you dare say anything else).

My niece and nephew's new stepmom

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I hope I'm not being hypocritical or critical of stepping, but I just find this odd. My sister's divorce finalized about a month ago. Her ex started dating a woman (3 kids of her own) in August. At the same time, he was asking to get back with my sister. He introduced my niece (14) and nephew (16) to her and her family right away. She showed up on my fb feed with them, so I checked out her profile. There are TONS of photos of her with my niece and nephew, all with captions like "hanging with my fave people!" "My besties!" Etc.

All stepmoms are evil

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My sister has just gotten divorced from her husband of 15 years. He had a two year old when he met her.  They went to court over parental alienation from his first wife several times. Her divorce is finalized now, and her SD has blocked her on all social media.

She said she expected it, even though all she'd done for her SD. I photographed my sister's wedding and did a separate portrait session with her SD.  Her SD's mom didn't want the photos.

OT - Fork Covid

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Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I just found out there's an outbreak of one of the new variants at work and our whole office is shut down. We've all been sent home to self isolate, although most of us have been vaccinated.

Stay safe everyone. We had so many safety protocols in place but Covid still found it's way in. 

OT - Quarantine 15 fitness plan

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Warning - this post is going to be over the top optimistic.  I'm in a great mood.

Like just about everyone else I know, lockdown has kicked my previously healthy and lean butt. Lack of motivation to exercise and a crap diet have caught up to me, and I'm a little squishier than I'd like to be.  I'm a cyclist and a runner, but I haven't had the motivation to cycle at all in months, and running right now would be ROUGH.  I needed something new.

I was an annoying SD

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My parents split when I was nine. They were very young (married at 20 and divorced by 30), and the catalyst for the divorce was my Dad's affair partner, who he married a year later and had one more child with. He'd had three girls with my Mom, and one with my Stepmom.  I'm not close with my youngest sister (Dad's and SM's daughter) due to behaviours on all parts, mine included.