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Pain Competition

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BM had a surgery recently.  It's a few week's recovery time. SD16 told her about my sports related injury. I spent a few hours with BF and the SK's yesterday, and I was told the following by SD16.

"Mom says you're reckless. You get good at something and then you get cocky and hurt yourself."

"Mom's gonna take away your (insert sport equipment) next time you hurt yourself."

This was followed by more comments from SD16 about how I was silly for the sports stuff I do, and then followed up by "can I borrow it now that you're not using it?"

Bike injury

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I broke a rib in a stupid way a week ago. Has anyone here done the same? It SUCKS and it's hard to breathe. Stuck at home with no treatment other than lots of Advil and lying down. Relevant I hope because I skipped a Skid weekend because of it.  Does it get better?

Sports car = Life metaphor.

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BF and I test drove a sportscar today. For various reasons, I've never owned a car before, and never really had the impulse (or need tbh) to drive. I've decided it's beyond time to finally get my own car and start "adulting".

BF was almost joyous driving this car. On the way home he talked about the first car he bought that was only for himself, and customized for him. He said something that's currently throwing me for a loop. He said I'm in the enviable position of being able to do whatever I want.

Ladies (and Gents), talk me down

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I want to lose it on my SO. His ex wife's bday is coming up, and the skids asked him to pick up their present for her. I get that this happens in divorced families.  HOWFKINGEVER, he went out by himself, bought this special birthday gift request, and while doing so received a text from BM asking him to pick up a few other special items for her. HE DID. And then delivered them to her home with a card he bought for the skids, and hid it away so the skids can say it was a "surprise".  He told this to me in front of my coworkers, who had secondhand embarrassment for me.

OT - my sister is being abused

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My sister and her husband are currently separated after 17 years together.  They have two teenage kids and one adult skid.  They live in another country from our family, but close to her in-laws. Since the separation, he has escalated by breaking into her house and attempting to steal from her. She originally told us (our sisters) that she was just trying to block him from stealing her phone and computer. Today we found out that he "put hands" on her and she's covered in bruises.