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OT - my sister is being abused

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My sister and her husband are currently separated after 17 years together.  They have two teenage kids and one adult skid.  They live in another country from our family, but close to her in-laws. Since the separation, he has escalated by breaking into her house and attempting to steal from her. She originally told us (our sisters) that she was just trying to block him from stealing her phone and computer. Today we found out that he "put hands" on her and she's covered in bruises.

OT - IBS struggles

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Just a quick blog about digestion and crabby office people at work.

One of the bathrooms at work is a solitary one (no stalls). The people in that area feel as though it's their personal bathroom and don't like others using it. We all use this bathroom regardless, but it doesn't stop them from sending out passive aggressive emails, putting up signs about "smells", or straight up asking if it's "okay to go in there" when you come out.

Costume Drama

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Update to my last blog - SD16 found a bagged costume that was suitably expensive enough for her, so she no longer has any interest in my costume trunk. Problem solved!  So this weekend, she'll have daddy all to herself to walk her around for trick or treating. I know. I KNOW. Ugh.


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This is hopefully going to be a positive post. I saw the SD's at my SO's place this weekend.  SD16 is having a hard time with her Halloween costume. She's at the age and size where the children's costumes don't fit, and the women's costumes are too big and too revealing. She also is terribly self conscious.

OT - favourite slow cooker recipes?

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My mom gave me a slow cooker LAST Christmas, and I've never used it. (I've never used a slow cooker at all. I can cook, but I don't bother cause I live alone).

I'm finally busting it out this weekend. Can you tell me your favourite slow cooker recipes?  Doesn't matter what cuisine - just your top faves.

I'm even up for homemade dog food recipes!

PAS and Grandparents?

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BM hates my SO's parents. SD16 uses word for word phrases from BM to complain about them before each visit:  "You should have warned me they were coming."  "I have to wash off their smell after."  "Nana, your dinners aren't as good as mommy's."

SD12, who I don't talk about as much because she really is a gem of a human being, just hides away in her room to cry, or curls up alone on a chair when she's made to come downstairs.

What My Job Has Taught Me

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I'm childfree and I work in law enforcement. My job has taught me to cherish animals and kids, due to the amount of violence they're subjected to that most people don't know about.  I had a bad day on Friday with something I didn't expect to see, on par with an animal abuse case from four years ago that I needed some help with.

This probably explains my tolerance for SK crap, and most likely my BF's too. A spoiled kid is better off than a hurt one, and the same with pets. I'm guilty of spoiling my little dog.