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My SS is creeping me out

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Hi all....apologies if this is all a bit long winded but i could do with some tips.I have 3 step kids (all boys) aged 7,11 and 12. I get on with them all very well and we have them on a regular basis. Every tues from school and o/n and also every 2nd weekend from fri to mon and a week on/week off during school hols. My youngest skid has always been fairly demanding with me interms of attention. He always wants to sit with me and hold my hand and wherever i go,he will follow. He would rather go with me than his dad all the time despite me asking him to go sit with daddy and things.

Helloooo!!!!!! Can somebody help me?

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Hi! I am newish to this site and am having a little trouble working out how it all works. I can read the posts but don't get how to reply to people or anything and there seems to be all these different symbols of things. I need someone to send me an idiot guide on how to use this site please. I am obviously a bit on the dim side so any help would be appreciated.

A bit about me.....I am a soon to be step mum of 3 boys and live with Bio dad. I have no kids of my own but would desperately love to have one (long story). Bio mum very much on the scene,unfortunately,she is EVIL.