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O/T When you don't like his job

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Off topic and not step related.
I chucked in  steplife at the end of last year, thanks to all the wisdom here.

Enjoying myself out on my own or with friends and the amount of skunks out there is incredible!
Pick up lines?
"Do you like sales? Because clothes are 100% off at my place..."
With the state of some of these men, I don't know how we survive as a species!

What do they eat??

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Ok, for the past few weeks, I was having a hard time with the numbers on here.
What are your skids eating that they are so big?
Or is their size normal?
Height to weight ratios...
How are so many of them well over 200 pounds as teenagers?
Please don't give me a lecture on fat shaming because I am not interested.

New year, new me :)

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Happy new year all Smile

Yes, new year, new me.
No more step-crap!
I spent the run up to Christmas bawling my eyes out, eating chocolate and drinking too much whisky with my girlfriends.
SO is last year's news,  along with his daughters.

Spent new year's eve partying as if it was Prince's 1999...
I am looking forward to the new year which already holds promise.

OT - Vegetarian Food (HELP!! :) )

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Do you have any great ideas or recipes for vegetarian food?

I have some friends coming over for meal on Saturday and 2 of the guest are vegetarian.
Would  you please share some ideas of winning dishes you make?
Any tips or do's and don't's are welcome too.
They have no food allergies - only the stipulation of vegetarian.
(Thankfully not vegan!)