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OT: It's an emergency! My life depends on it...

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What do you think when there's a phone call at 04:35am from someone hysterically crying?
You can only hear parts of the conversation but you can make out:
It's an emergency... My life depends on it!
More hysterical crying and the phone goes dead?
Then there's a text: I don't know who else to call because I can't get through to anyone (but badly spelled).

This happened at 04:35 this morning.
Someone called my SO and he called back.
It was a friend / acquaintance / colleague with whom he works.
He couldn't make out the story for all her crying, but I told him to go - and I was going with him.
Only a right minded person calls for help, crying, at that time of the morning, correct?

We got dressed and had no idea what to expect, least of all from her spotty address directions.
SO is a policeman and called in to work, asking the duty officer to be on stand-by in case real help was required because we had no idea what was going on.
After looking for her address for around 10 minutes (because she couldn't send a PIN) or make sense with where she lived (including the police checking in to ask for an update), we saw her standing in the road.

When we let her into the car, I asked her what exactly was going on.
Crying had stopped and she wanted to "go fetch" her "shit" from her boyfriend's home because "her life depended on it"!
W  T   F??!!
I told her the correct way to do it was to get a police escort and fetch her stuff.
She wanted to do it now!
She had keys and he wasn't home.
All kinds of daft talk about how her BF had cheated on her, sent her items belonging to another woman and  he was most likely at new girlfriend's house because he wasn't answering his landline.
Anybody knows that getting involved in other people's domestic disputes is one of the most dangerous things you can do... and here Miss Hysterical wanted to create one.
We dropped her at his home and asked if we should wait for her or go in with her.
No she was fine, we could leave.
House was dark, no car in the driveway.
(I don't know how this woman was going to get her shit and get home, because I no longer cared.
Her story was obvious crap.)
We left.
An hour and a half of good sleep wasted!

I can understand why her BF left/cheated on her: she is a manipulative liar!
What kind of nut does this?
Calling up someone, you know from work by seeing them there, in the early hours of the morning with this kind of BS?

Whilst I think we did the right thing by responding to someone crying hysterically in the early hours of the morning, I cannot help feeling annoyed that we were conned.
Shame on her because the bridge is now burned.

(No incident reported from the address.
Police did a check this morning.)


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/police dispatcher so I can say with utmost sincerity that I can speak as a subject expert on what is and what isn't an emergency. This is not an emergency. Not even close. 

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This was a hysterical woman who probably got dumped.
I am so annoyed!

(Thank you for the dispatch evaluation.
Don't know why people do this kind of shit!)

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Sounds like this woman had gotten drunk, got upset her boyfriend cheated on her and wouldn't answer her calls, and in her alcohol-addled brain it made complete sense to go to his house at 4:30 in the morning to see what was up.  I can't quite tell why she got your SO involved.  Maybe because he'd been nice to her at work?  Maybe she called other people and they told her to sleep it off?  Maybe she has the hots for your SO and this was her way of getting his attention?

I hope your SO blocks her number.  She'll likely pull some other BS in the future if he doesn't.

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I agree with your assessment on what happened. 
It only became apparent when we saw her - although she appeared and smelled sober.
It definitely had something to do with being cheated on / being dumped.

I don't know why she called SO and neither does he.
He knows her to say "hello" to or ask "how are you?", because they work in/from the same building, but he doesn't know her.
The nature of their jobs means she would have his mobile number, but not for personal use.

He has blocked her cell phone number this morning.
There is no reason for her to call him from it - and he is annoyed.
Generally he is quite a nice person, and personally I think he is hot: if she got the wrong idea that is her business because he has no interest in her.
After this morning, he certainly sees her in a new unflattering light.


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Does she have children? This woman would make one hell of a GUBM!  Calling up random people in the middle of the night, crying wolf. Crazy
Let it be the first and last time.

I think most people in your situation would have gone to help. It is a pity and a shame when people abuse the kindness of others.

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I have no idea as to her marital status (past or present) or if she has kids.
I do know she has/had an exBF this morning.

Agreeing with you that it is an abuse of other people - kindness, time, concern, etc.
It could likely be a clue as to why no one else took the call (number blocked?) or they told her to go fly a kite.
The woman is definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

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Are you sure this was a BF and not someone she was stalking? Like, maybe they had a one-nighter but that was it?

Would explain why she couldn't call her actual friends and family (if she had any) because they would know the truth about him. Your DH is far enough removed that she'd get her ride back to her victim's house.

Not saying your DH is at fault. He did a good by answering a hysterical call. But I don't buy that this dude is a BF or even an XBF. Her level of hysterics seems too much for someone who looked/smelled sober.

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Lt, in all honesty, you could be right.
It could well be she is a stalker.
I cannot tell you anything about this woman, who I first heard of this morning and SO has no idea about her relationships.
I am not familiar with the MO of nutty women and at this time am not prepared to rule out anything.

She obviously lied, which means she could have been lying about having keys to his house, because we did not see her enter it.
Sum total of the experience is that we were had and we cannot undo it.
If she is a nutjob, she duped two people who are witnesses to her crime.
This was a stupid move, because SO is a police officer and unbeknownst to her, the police were made aware of the incident before we saw her standing in the street.

The police did do a check this morning at the boyfriend's house and he reported nothing untoward.
She was called and she is fine.

SO has said he crosses shifts with her on Monday and will have a word with her for wasting his time.
35 mile round trip in the early hours of the morning for her ridiculous guff is not amusing.
It is the first and last time he falls for her fake emergencies or has anything to do with her.
Lesson learned.

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I think he needs to take it to HR and not talk to her directly. As you said, she's a nut job. She could say he did something to her if he speaks to her.

If he is hell-bent on saying something, he needs to have a witness or his vest cam on. He needs to say it in a public area. He needs it to be matter-of-fact and not angry. I'd hate to see your DH get in trouble over her crazy BS.

Actually, I really think he should go to HR. It seema utterly stupid that she had access to his cell number. Did he give her permission to have it? If not, HR needs to handle this because it's their fault she had access to it in the first place.

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Thank you for this good advice.
It is probably better to go through HR and better to handle this in writing rather than speaking to her.
I will discuss it with SO later as he is on shift right now.
At least then there is a formal written record of what happened.

(It would be for his own protection.
He works in a specialised unit and any crap can get him suspended from duty.)

She works in support services where she would have access to contact numbers.
It would only be for work purposes, not private use.

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Really really weird...and I would be irate if one of DHs coworkers did that.

I would also be pissed if one of my coworkers did that and made working with them awkward for me.

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It is sick and not amusing!
I think anyone has the right to be irate at something like this.
It is inconsiderate, rude and uncalled for.

They don't work together.
They work in the same building, so he doesn't actually have to see her.
Except,on Monday, he is going to make it his business to give her a telling off.

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Yes, I was going to suggest he should tell her that if anything like that ever happens again, he will go to her boss regarding her inappropriate use of his cell phone number (which you said she has for work purposes only).


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That’s crazy! People like that work in police department? I wonder what she does there. 

But I think it says good things about your DH! It’s a good character! It means he is truly a good person of people (even crazy ones) would call him for help.


i know that no rendo would feel comfortable calling my DH lol he is all tatted and mean looking. Of course he is very kind but no one can tell right away lol

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She works in their admin section and co-ordinates things relating to their operational training.
They have various requirements for on-going training, assessment, re-testing and re-certification every year. 

I never ever judge people by what they look like anymore!
Learned this lesson the hard way when it could have cost me two good friends!
I saw three lads and oh my word, my first thoughts were along the lines of US southern hillbilly, racist, ruffians - I live in the UK!
People you don't want to see in a dark alley: long hair, tatoos, beards, looking like biker gang weirdos.
Two of them are some of the nicest guys I have ever met!
Kind, well-mannered, funny, from good families, degreed and educated...
The one is a jerk!
(They are very talented musicians and I am still friends with two of them.)

Someone who looks mean and nasty may turn out to be very different once you actually know them.
It was a stark lesson on first impressions and my own crass prejudiced snap judgments -  a very humbling experience.
(The only way I can explain it to myself is that it was my first year of university study away from home. 
I was a farmer's daughter from a remote part of the country and these were city boys.)

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It’s people on meth/crack/heroin that make my hyper vigilance go apeshit. For good reason, though.

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Yup, these people may be the exception because you have good reason to suspect them in all things.
It is rare for something good to come from drug abuse.

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I wonder why she picked out your husband,, of alllll the people who work with her....why HIM?


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I don't know why she picked my husband, especially since I don't have one.
It's my SO.
Your guess is as good as mine - or his.

He wasn't on stand-by so the ringer on his phone was off.
He would have slept straight through the call, but the screen lighting up woke me and I woke him to answer his phone.
If I didn't wake him, he probably would have been one more person she couldn't reach.

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What a crazy beotch...that said Letti..I would keep an eye out on this situation- seems so 'one off' that she would pick him.  Not much is done for NO reason.


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Totally agreeing with you.
People do things for weird reasons, but there is always a reason.
Although, I am not going to try to to figure out this woman because I doubt I can put myself in  the mind of a nut.

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Ya she sounds nuts. She was probably trying to select guys from work she deems hot to make him jealous?? She was prob pissed that you showed up, Lol.

He should have a talk with HR for sure..,, and not with her. 

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She woke me up, so she got me all pissy and suspicious when I saw her.
That was the primary reason I went: SO may be a cop, but my bullsh!t detector is way better than his.
When I heard her call I knew something wasn't right.
Turned out to be true.