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MIL Drama Again. Yay!! Update to me and MIL's fight and melt down

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So, some of you may remember my blogs from 6 months ago when me and MIL really got into it over BS2 and her weirdness with BD5. If not, heres a very short version before I go on about her new drama; MIL took DH, me, BS2, BD5 and SD9 to Disneyland back in June. While at the airport, MIL and DH got into an argument over us buying the kids something to eat before getting on the plane. MIL called DH an asshole in front of the kids and specifically called DH an asshole to our daughter. Then she was coming over to our house and picking up BD5 and spending tons of time with her while ignoring BS2 (which upset him very much) I tried to talk with MIL about her favortisism(sp) and about how she really needs to stop ignoring BS2 because it hurts his feelings. She called me crazy and selfish and the argument go so bad that I told her she wasn't going to see any of the kids until she changes her crazy attitude and told her to get out of my house. Haven't heard from her since the end of June.

She got back to the USA a couple of days ago for Christmas. MIL texted DH and asked to see the kids. DH and I talked about it and decided DH would go over to her house while I was at work (I did NOT want to be around her) I guess everything was great until yesterday afternoon. MIL texts DH and says " Can I get [BD5] take her shopping spend the night then come get SD take her shopping" DH responded by saying "You really messed a lot of things up the last time you were here, You need to let [Lamareossa and me] know that what happened last time will not happen again before we can allow something like that"

MIL flipped out and texted DH and said " Youre an asshole, it's all your fault, the whole family knows youre a horrible son. I hope youre happy about traumatizing BD5, oh and by the way, youre wife is scum" DH got angry and said "Fu*k you, go back and crawl into the hole you came out of"

MIL hates me because I called her out on all her bullshit when we got into the argument 6 months ago. I can see right through her and she hates it. I know she wishes BD5 was hers and I know she favors her and because I don't play favorites in this house, it drives her nuts. It also drives her nuts because DH and I don't allow her to walk all over us.

If you have ever watched Everybody Loves Raymond, then you know my MIL, she is Marie, except much more controlling, demanding and mean.


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your scum???? :jawdrop: but she wants your child???? oh hell no... what kinda crazy is going on that she 'needs' your daughter?? and for overnight? creepy.
i can see a giant 'keep out' sign posted. with her picture on it.

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My (former) MIL is the same way. A larger-than-life steamroller. Knows everything about everything... and won't hesitate to let everyone around her know she wears the crown and the pants in this world. Everyone else in this world are just simpletons according to her.

She even threatened to take me to court for custody of my 2 kids after their father (her son) passed away. No real reason why, not like I'm unfit or anything. And I think she spends more time with her other grandchildren then she EVER did her own children. I know on the surface that sounds like a good thing, but it's not. It's creepy in it's own way. Because the more time she spends with them, the more she truly believes in her twisted mind SHE is the parent.

Good for your DH, and way to stand up for you and your family!

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"He is the ONLY man I know who has never had his own children in his home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's."
--- you haven't met my DH. Since the divorce 14 years ago, he has never seen his children on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day. Of course we get them New Years because that's a "party holiday"

And as far as my former MIL treating her grandkids WAY differently than her kids... I knew my 1st DH when we were teenagers. She ran that house like a concentration camp. My 1st DH was actually GROUNDED for a week because he didn't change the laundry over from the washer to the dryer and left them in overnight. All three of her boys had "chores" from the time they were 4 so she never did anything around the house (the boys did all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.). I agree with chores, but wow. But if I tell her I have expectations of my kids, the fallout is horrible.