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"You're weird. Thats weird" is getting Old Fast!

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So, as everyone knows, DH got full custody of SD10 back in Jan. SD10 is doing just fine without her mother that was never there in he first place. But..she seems to have picked up this new habit and it's starting to rub off on BS2 and it's irritating the hell outta me!!!

We were in Toys R Us and BD5 was going to buy a doll with a gift card she had and I was looking at a babydoll and I said "Oh, shes cute" SD10 butts in and says "I don't understand some peoples weird taste in 'cute' I dont think shes cute" I said I do and SD says "Well I dont. Her dress is ugly." Another time I had bought some candles that smelled amazing! and I was smelling them and kinda made a big deal about how amazing they smell and SD tells me I'm weird. I said why? she says "Youre weird about candles" I said yep. I like candles. She tells me I'm weird alot. She told me at Easter dinner at my grandmas that I was weird because I like potato salad. She told me I'm weird because I eat peas and anything green.

At first it didn't bother me but now I'm tired of hearing it. I can't tell if she thinks it's strange because she has lived off fastfood most of her life or if its some type of passive aggresive thing. Now, my two year old was telling his grandma "youre weird!" Ugh.....


Ugh...Childish of me, I know.


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it's probably a habit for her to call everything weird. sd19 used to make me so mad, because everything and everybody was "gay". he's gay. she's gay. that's gay. you're gay. even her free vehicle that was given to her by her grampa was gay when it started to fall apart. school was gay. absolutely everything was gay. i cannot find words to express how badly i wanted to rip her tongue out. not only because she said it constantly, but because it's derogitory and heard by someone who is actually gay, could have been very hurtful. i don't think calling anyone or anything gay, retarded, or anything like that is ok.

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Its very annoying. I have a 10 yr old daughter (she is mine, not a SD) and she went thru this phase calling me weird and everything weird. She picked it up from SD15. Now the new thing is to say the word awkward after everything. It drives me crazy. BD3 is now saying it!! She is also very stubborn and if I say I like something she will say she hates it. I used to be this way when I was little so I know the game!! SD15 is the culprit in all of this!!

To address the word gay from bi-I grew up in NY. We used that word alot to call something stupid or uncool. At the time we had no idea what the word gay actually meant as we were young and everyone used the word all the time. Now I would not let my kids say that or use the word retarted, it is very disrespectful!! But if you watch any reality tv I do notice the people from NY or NJ still use that word like we did when we were kids.

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sd did the "awkward" crap, too. and you're right, they don't know what the words they use even mean, which is obvious in the way they use them. they sound stupid. bd17 did the "random" about everything all the time, too. it annoyed me to know end. i HATE the word "random" because it was so overused and misused by everyone for a couple of years. sd knew i hated how bd said random all the time (and used it wrong, of course) so she had to get in on it, and would just say it over and over again to be annoying. i swear that kid wanting nothing more than to know how it felt to be slapped by me. she's lucky it never happened.

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oh my I forgot about "random" yes SD used this word for a long time too!! I hate all of these words now!! Its funny because SD15 is so awkward so when she used to use that word all the time it really just fit her. She is awkward and weird and stares and makes faces and has an annoying face and voice... I could go on forever really!!

Now SD15 is obsessed with the show dance moms and wants to take dancing again so she can dance like those little kids. Ugh!

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teehee! why are sd's so stupid? sd19 and her bf LOVE the show "teen moms". i have never actually watched it. however, sd likes to make cutting remarks about those girls and what sluts they are and how they are bad moms, yet she recently got deliberately pregnant. i guess she must be jealous of the slutty bad moms, because she wants to be one of them now! i'm sure in her head, she can do such a better job. because after all, parenting is SO easy! (eye roll)

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Eeeks she is pregnant?? Oh god I already told DH that if this idiot gets herself pregnant her and the baby are living with BM and that is that!! Bad enough I am stuck with SD all the time, I will not raise her children!! If she follows in BM's footsteps she will be pregnant in the next few years.

SD sneaks and watches Jersey Shore. DH banned her from watching it after he watched an episode of it and was horrified!!

She also also been watching ALOT of CSI. I am starting to get worried that she is gonna come kill me in my sleep or something!! Maybe we should just get rid of all the tv's in the house!!

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Oh my goodness SS7 does the "awkward" thing too!! About everything, and in the wrong context most times. DHs new response when he says that is "wrong word!" I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this issue!!

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Yep, my SD8 uses "Awkward" alot too. She doesn't even use it in the right sense. For examaple, she'll say something along the lines of the cat laying on the blanket is awkward. Um.....No. Finally just told her I didn't think she knew what the word meant, how to use it, and that not everything is awkward.

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See I gave DH so much shit when he told me he dated his idiot for almost 5 years then married her!!! I could tell in about 2 seconds that she is ugly, mean and crazy and has the mentality of a 5 yr old!! What the hell took him so long?

Our BM hates children too thats why I am raising hers. When she gave birth to SD, the hospital wouldn't let her take the baby home for a few days. She refused to hold her, feed her or even look at her. She hasn't changed!!

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Wow so she lied to get away from her parents. Well at least you didn't have kids with her because she would probably have nothing at all to do with them. So now she is remarried and I can't remember-does she have kids now or did she marry someone with kids?

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Thank god I thought it was just my kids! My DD went through using weird as a description for EVERYTHING at 10 we had to ban her from using it it got so bad, then as she got more creative suddenly everything including taste of foods were AKWARD! Then my DS started with akward moved to bizarre and then wrong as his choices for obsessive descriptive words. At least they both mostly out grew it.

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We experienced this with SD. At around 7 she picked up the incredibly disrespectful hand-in-the-face along with "Whatever..". She had to have picked it up at school or daycare. It took us by surprise when it started & we laughed a little bit, but it got old quick.

DH was trying to get her to take a bath & she looked at DH & screamed, "No!" He picked her up & carried her to to the tub & told her she wasn't to come out until she was finished. She threw her hand up in his face, did the little ghetto chicken neck thing, looked him square in the eye & said, "What-ever Daddy".

I've never seen him move so quick, & that is the ONLY time I've ever seen him spank her. I don't recall it happening again.

Now, I always hear "EPIC". Everything is "EPIC". As is explained in the following link, not often is the word used properly. This link cracked me up. I'm considering emailing it to the kids...LOL!

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ooh I forgot about the hand in the face thing. My DD was 5 and she did the "L" for loser with her fingers on her forehead to SD who was 10 at the time. SD ran away crying hysterically saying DD is giving her the loser sign. We cracked up at that one!! It was actually SD who taught it to her to begin with!!

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OMG. bd17 used the word epic and the phrase epic fail all the time for a while. and her favorite store is Hot Topic. (slinks down in embarassment).

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No need to slink. You should be no more embarrassed than anyone else with a 17yo child. LOL!

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My SD uses weird / awkward / random, etc. She also uses all kinds of words incorrectly or in an inappropriate manner and when dh or I correct her, she'll say "well, that's just how I use it" or "I use it this way". Well, that doesn't make it right you little shit! Or worse, she'll say "well, my mommy said...". OMG her mommy told her that the earthquake was just an "aftershock" because ther was no damage. Um, hello? An aftershock implies it was AFTER the original earthquake, not that there is no damage. So we point out that it was indeed an earthquake and her response is "well, my mom and me call it an aftershock". My response was "well then you and your mom are wrong"

Sorry, tangent!

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Wow, I never bothered mentioning that here because I didn't think anyone else would have experienced it. SD calls everything weird, too. And not in a nice way. SO says to ignore it because she "doesn't know what it means" or it's "just a habit". Screw that. If I want to be offended by having my home, my kids, my pets, my choice in TV shows, my car, the fact that I GO places, the things I say,the food I cook, and whatever the hell else being called weird, I will. Know why? It's OFFENSIVE!!

This is one of the things I hate the very most about SD. Yep. Hate. I said Hate.

Her mom is a lazy loser who never takes the kids out to do anything and SD even said it was WEIRD that I take my kids so many places (not that we even go that many places, but a couple is way more than ZERO).

SD and I had what I thought was a private inside joke about the two of us being in the mood for fudgesicles. The next time I saw her she said, "Remember how you said that thing about the fudgesicles?". I smiled and said yes, thinking we were going to relive our happy moment, and maybe even have fudgesicles together. She said, "That was weird". OK guess I'm too weird to share fudgesicle time with. See if I find you to have one next time I do.

She has called our pets weird. She has called the fact that I have gas in my car weird. When she had a friend over I overheard her tell her friend that our house is weird. Every food that isn't a potato chip or french fry or hash brown is weird or candy is weird. My kids are weird for eating food that isn't on the preceding list. We're weird for singing along with the radio, which probably all kids think is weird when adults do it. It's weird that I sometimes like the TV turned off and sit in silence.

There is no end to this girl's opinions of what is weird.

Can you tell this is a hot button for me?????

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Oh yeah, and what the f@#k makes a 7 year old child an expert about what is weird?

And now I'm extra mad at SO thinking about him defending her.

You know what's weird? Bio-parents who will even defend a kid calling every last thing weird. That's what's weird.

Wow, I need to settle down. I am actually getting a little weird now.

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How about if every single time one of our skids says "that's weird" we respond with "that's rude"?

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That's good, smdh. It doesn't engage the behavior. I've been (sweetly) asking questions to kind of show her how her response comes off "Going sledding is weird? Huh. Why do you think that?" or "Puppy is weird? You don't like him?, which sometimes makes her backpedal and say it's not weird after all. But "that's rude" might cure her. Wait, I wonder if SD knows what the word rude means? Once I told her what she said wasn't nice, but for the most part I'm disengaged from correcting her in any way unless it's something dangerous.

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"its not weird. its just different" and as for "ugly", calling names, bullying, and meanness get immediate disciplinary action.