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Well this is probably about to blow up part 3

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So since DH has been ignoring MIL about her asking if SIL is invited to YDS bday party (see previous blogs), they keep tagging him in posts to guilt trip him. MIL posted one to SILs wall something about the science of an aunts love and how important they are, SIL posted a throwback picture of her and DH, and MIL posted a picture of DH with his niece (SILs kid, the one whose bday BM and SD was invited to instead of DH and our boys) captioned "uncle DH and (niece)....the good ole days." 



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Ugh, this reminds me of my own family.  The whole "gather round the "sick" person and give all of your emotional, mental, and financial resources to get them better" shtick.  The no consequences for bad behavior thing.  The reminiscing about the good old days that never were.

I hope your DH stands his ground, these people sound like exhausting boundary stompers.


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I hope he does too. Theres been no apology or genuine attempt to discuss why hes upset. Just guilt tripping to try to get him to go back to being a doormat.

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Aren't inlaws just lovely!  My stupid MIL made a post the day before Memorial day saying "How many people's kid's are having cookouts and inviting them? Mine sure aren't"....seriously!?!  First of all we never have a cookout for Memorial day and 2nd of our state was still basically on lock down!  Then when SIL and DH got upset and called her out on it she acted like the vicitm...."I wasn't trying to start trouble...I wasn't talking about you guys!"  Really!?!?  Ugh!  Sorry, you gave me a flashback! LOL!

I hope your DH continues to stand his ground against the energy sucking vampires! My DH has definitely opened his eyes more to his mother's manipulative ways and he is not tolerating it!

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Wow...not even passive aggressive, just flat out aggressive. I didnt know you were supposed to entertain your parents on every holiday?

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That is her constantly. It is pathetic and disgusting!  I didn't either.  He did respond, "my parent's didn't invite me to a cookout either"! LOL, he was not happy with her BS.  Go figure she then decided to have a cookout and tried to invite us it was like 8pm and we already had dinner at that point.  Then she got upset that no one wanted to come to her guilt cookout!

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Regarding the "good ole days" comment from MIL, I'd almost have to reply and tag SIL:

"Yeah, too bad SIL didn't invite me to his birthday party but instead invited my cheating/conniving/manipulative/abusive ex, then it might not just be the "ole days" that are good."

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The good ole days where they could treat people like crap and no one did anything but cower to MIL.

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Did you maeey into the same family I did? It sounds so similar. My MIL loves to post passive aggressive quotes and throwback pictures of the DH and his family members who she thinks he should be pandering to. It's ridicuous, like ten times a day for the last several years. Plus she will throw in old photos of BM and DH, SIL etc all captioned with "the good old days". Can't help but laugh, as DH actually said to her which is so accurate, if those days were so good why was everyone miserable, BM and he are divorced and he is estranged from narc SIL. Some MIL's sure wear some rose colored glasses.