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ThrowBack Thursday and pics of my DH….

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I will never understand why BM thinks it's NORMAL to post pics of MY DH on her FB and Instagram wall.
So she posts a pic of my DH (looking MIGHTY gorgeous I might add) on her wall. In the picture he is with SS while SS carries SD when she was a few weeks old.
The one on FB says "They do have the best dad, can't complain."
The one Instagram says the same thing but with the emoji of a happy couple and 2 hearts after it.
Really Bitch? This is LAUGHABLE and I can't even understand WHY none of her friends tell her how TACKY it is to be posting pictures of her Ex like that!!!


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lol. Apparently BM posts a lot of old "family" pics too. DH's son is embarrassed by it. This past Christmas she made one of them her profile pic. I want to say, sorry skid! That's what you get for creating a fb profile and adding her as a friend. Tagged. But I don't because I know exactly why he has a fb distract her from the real social media he and his friends use.

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WOW. Our BM despises SO as much as he her so I know she would never do shit like that. See she is worse she one of the I don't want him, but I don't want know one else to have him, which I think makes her more crazy then crazy!!! lol

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Same here, BM would NEVER post pics of my DH. I am not even sure she has any good ones; the ones that I have seen (thanks to SD bringing them over once), he looks miserable (and he was).

The pictures of them on their wedding day (courthouse wedding) are the worst; they both look like they are about to walk the plank.

Like yours, BM over here does not want him, she is just mad that he did not go back to her when she snapped her fingers, so she lost his paycheck and his nanny services.

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I would have a freaking heart attack if BM ever posted anything like that. I can't see much of her FB and I don't know if she has Instagram, but I have looked on her FB before and there are a few "extended family" and "group of friends" pictures with the two of them in them still up. FWIW, my SO looks incredibly awkward and uncomfortable in the pics...a sign of what was on the horizon, I think

I'm sitting here cringing for you!

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I don't *think* BM would post a picture of DH on her wall. She hasn't that I know of, but I only see what she posts to the SDs, not her general stuff.

HOWEVER. DH and I had to box up a bunch of SD18's stuff this weekend (to go to storage). He tossed a photo envelope into the box and the pictures slid out. The top one was of DH and BM's wedding. It was the fucking wedding kiss. DH told me to burn it, but I just shoved it back in the envelope and went to wash my hands. I wish I could've washed that image out of my damn brain.... :sick:

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My BM has more pictures of my DH on her FB than she does of HER DH. Drives me nuts. Every time, on SS's bday, she will post some picture/pictures of the three of them from when SS was really little. And about once every year or so, SS and BM get DH to take a "family" picture of the three of them. GAG. those always make it to FB too.

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How would one even begin to get there SO/DH's ex to stop posting sappy lovey old picture and stories or calling SO/DH pet names. My SO's ex has openly said she wants him back. He has said not even if every pig on earth sprouted wings. She has another kid with someone else that she left him for.

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That's effed up... :jawdrop: She stinks of desperation and jealousy. It's actually laughable.

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It's just freaking WEIRD is what it is. I have BM blocked but we have mutual friends and they sent me the post. One was like "That is so creepy UFR. She's got issues."
LOL, I'm not even mad I'm just disgusted and a little captivated that after almost 15 years, this freaking creepy bitch is still on my mans DICK! WTF!!!!

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It's just BIZARRE and so far she has like 30 likes on the pic! Many of which are DH's family members! Who are also ALL blocked from my FB.
Of course, SIL was the FIRST one to like it and then the little peons all followed suit. They are such a disturbed bunch.

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BM had pictures of hubby on her wall. Whatever. Its weird but I don't think about it to much. I think she has about 3 of them posted.

I was married the first time for 20 years....and no, no pictures of my ex. :sick:

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Desperate. Ugh! And so weird.

Is she remarried? Single?

OSD sometimes post pics of BM and DH when they were first married. She will tag DH in them and he untags himself. He says he doesnt want a pic of BM on his FB page.

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She's single and she will always be single. And yes, that is so desperate to me. My good friend bumped into one of BM's good friends and she truly told MY friend that BM still had hopes of reconciling with my DH. Hmmmmm…..DH and I have been together for almost 15 years!!!!!! My friend told HER friend, "God, you're her friend why haven't you told her to move on cause UFR and he are NOT ever breaking up, those 2 are as happy as they were when they first met, if not happier."
Her friend said "He was her first love, you never get over your first love."


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"He was her first love, you never get over your first love."

Bullshit. NORMAL people get over it. It's called moving on with your life.

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"He was her first love, you never get over your first love."

Sure ya do, and if you don't, you don't let the whole world know how pathetic you are. Keep that emotional instability to yourself.

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Ew, that is so weird? I mean she couldn't find any pictures of her with skids as babies, or just skids as babies? Come on!

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This is the second time she does it under the pretense of Throwback Thursday.
So freaking annoying.