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Thursday Throwback Funny

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I was just reading something online that reminded me of one of the funniest moments of unintentional payback/karma in step hell.

Just a reminder, OSS and MSS have been PASd out for at least 3-4 years.  And have been horrible spawn to DH for no reason.  That’s PAS for ya.

So probably 3-4 years ago, OSS and MSS we’re still coming around but regular and pretty much only when they wanted something.   

This one particular day I can’t recall why OSS came over but I know I was not thrilled.  We were getting ready to go out of town and I didn’t want to leave before OSS was gone.  He had been known to take things of my BS and leave the doors open and unlocked.  My BS was also there but was leaving as well.   DH didn’t have the nerve to tell OSS to leave so long story short we ended up hintin around and OSS didn’t catch on.  Oss has a few friends with him and they were playing basketball in our drive so he wasn’t paying much attention to us.   

DH and I decide we would leave and take our pup to the kennel for boarding and come back by the house after to see if they had left.   

We come back to the house and they were gone.  We locked up quickly (they had no keys thank goodness) and we left.  

We get back home a few days later.  As I go into the kitchen I see that OSS had clearly been in all the snacks before he left while we took the dog to the kennel.   I didn’t think mich about it until I noticed one specific item missing.

You see my DH had decided a week before our trip he wanted to teach our pup some manners and had bought training treats.  They were small pieces of what looked like jerky pebbles.   They had been sitting on the table before we went out of town.  When we locked up the house I didn’t pay any attention because we just did a quick sweep through and locked up before leaving.  

Well the training treats were gone.  Completely gone.  OSS and his buddies had taken them along with some other snacks when they left and didn’t realize they ate dog snacks!  Once I realized that I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.  

Sneaky oss thought he was going to sneak out almost snacks and ended up with dog training treats!  

Ohhh the karma!!


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This is priceless!!!

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I was typing this all on my phone so some errors. 

But im still giggling about the dog treat snacks.   I wonder if he drank out of the toilet to get the taste out of his mouth!  Hahahahaha

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I have to ask... do they fish? They could have taken them as fishing bait. But I reeeeeeeeally hope they ate them!!!

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They don’t fish.  OSS would hide in the house and eat cookies instead of help with any outside yard work. 

They had taken a few other bags of snacks as well so I’m 100% sure they ate them.  

When I mentioned the dog treats were missing to DH he just went quiet.  He couldn’t bare to admit his spawn was dumb enough to eat training treats.  


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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.