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Well this is probably about to blow up

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So awhile back SIL had been sneaking around behind DHs back to talk to BM (whom she previously had nothing to do with) and to do things with only SD. Including inviting only SD and BM to her daughters birthday, excluding our other 3 kids - 2 of which are DHs bios. 

My youngests 1st bday is coming up and we invited MIL and FIL yesterday. Tonight MIL messages DH asking if SIL and her kids are invited.

Why is MIL the one asking this? And no, we were not planning on inviting them after that. I hate drama, but I don't want to he a doormat either.


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Tell MIL ~HELL to the NO~ Sneaky sleazy SIL is NOT invited and if she wants to play go between she can stay the hell away as well.


Take back your power.Embrace the drama that these troglodytes are begging for... and be the bitch....bitch trumps doormat.Right?



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MIL probably has to hear about all of SILs manufactured drama. I would tell MIL that "it seems like SIL and I don't do birthdays together." 

In laws are sometimes the worst actors in step families, they get hung up on the firsts   and won't let them go.

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Ignore the question.

Although, I wonder if he doesn't respond if SIL will just show up.


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I was wondering that too - also wondering if they were hoping to have SIL go pick up SD from BMs since it's her weekend.