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I wonder what MIL was like as a BM

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So MIL was also a BM - DHs oldest sister was raised by her dad and MIL had eowe. After seeing a comment on here, it made me wonder what she mustve been like as a BM. I would imagine awful. The only info I have:

- MIL claims she lost custody because she was younger and had less money than SILs father. From what I've been told, this was unlikely to be the real case back in the 80s.

- DH said MIL is still bitter about it to this day and refuses to talk about it. Her ex did get brought up once when I was there and MIL crossed her arms and pouted; literally like a 2 year old.

- SILs husband loves SILs dad, but doesn't like MIL and FIL

- SIL loves her SM and might even be closer to her than MIL. She talks to MIL once a month to keep her happy and hasn't visited her in a couple years (she's in a different state).

- FIL was the one that would go pick up SIL for visitation. Supposedly because MIL hated her ex so much.

I'm sure I'll never know, but knowing how MIL is as a mom and MIL I can't even imagine what she was like as a BM. I'm betting though that she couldn't handle being a parent and actually gave up custody.



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Well, you know what she was like as a mother, it's not like she's going to magically be sweet as pie to her and ex and his new wife.