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DH had conferences for SD yesterday. Her teacher pretty much validated everything I had said about her behavior. 


That is all.


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LMAO! Any bets on how many days it will take your DH to water down what the teacher said and rationalize the hell out of it? "It's not really so bad. I think that teacher doesn't like SD."

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No rationalizations so far but definitely some exaggerating of the positives and downplaying academic areas she doesnt do as well in lol. The teacher probably actually doesnt like her haha. Idk why she would. She drives me insane with just her I cant imagine having to deal with her plus 24 other kids.

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Ha, exactly what futurobrillante99 said!  My SO and SD's BM constantly water down what the issue at hand and rationalize the hell out of it!  Delusional!!!!!!   At least you have your gratification though!  Smile

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Honestly the gratification does make me feel better though because sometimes I start to wonder if its just me being biased or overly critical.

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Can you get a copy of her comments? I have a feeling DH will downplay and erase the memories of those comments over time!

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Good point. I should probably keep the sheet of paper where "follows directions" is marked as "rarely." Unfortunately the rest isn't written down Sad

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Gotta love that validation!

Try to NOT gloat to your DH and say "I told ya so". You can think it reeeeeally hard, but don't say it aloud to him. It will come back as "you hate my kid".

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Awesome! I mean really, if other people see it too!! My BF told me I am not maternal and negative... no, his kids suck!! 

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Yeah not all kids are likeable, but it's not PC to say that. Honestly I think they're the same as adults though, some have personalities that you like better than others. Also, I have strong maternal instincts for my kids but with other kids it depends on the kid how maternal I feel toward them. He probably just cant handle the fact that other people dont see his kids as special as he does or takes it as a personal insult that if his kids aren't that great hes not either.