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BM already broke up with her internet boyfriend

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I've been with DH for nearly 6 years. In that time, BM has now had 4 failed relationships. Whenever she's single she loses her mind. As she's getting older and it's getting harder for her to find someone and she gets significantly less attention, it's even worse than before when she's single. And it wasn't much better while she was actually with this guy since he was hardly ever actually around because he lived halfway across the country.

Since she's already taken SD fulltime and doesn't speak to us, it might not get taken out on us as much as usual, but I think its a guarantee she's not going to loosen up on the alienation anytime soon. 

I'd like to offer up MIL and SIL as targets for her anger.


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Ha, it would be interesting to see her walk back on all the issues with us and our house considering we never addressed them.

I think she mostly just leaves her at home when she goes somewhere.

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Since BM is so close to MIL and SIL already, I can guarantee they are already targets of her lonely drama. I would just sit back with my popcorn and enjoy the show, but don't be surprised if BM tries to dump SD on you more so she can rejoin the dating scene. 

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Another break up, what a surprise!  Tragic!

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I understand the anxiety that comes with this. ET has been through two husbands and at least three significant (to her) BFs. She has a new BF now that she's "taking it slow" with...which means she has already introduced the boys to him while not having filed for divorce from STBXH#3 yet, probably because it has been less than 6 weeks since they split.

It's not that I care who she sees; it's not wanting to deal with the fallout that comes from her either being heartbroken or horny. I'd guess that you're in a similar boat. For whatever reason, when things go south with these BPs, it wreaks havoc on our lives - even when there is no reason why it should. For us, it's because OSS is aged out and YSS lives here full-time. For you, SD is alienated. Yet, somehow, our DHs will end up on the receiving end of a sh*t sandwich because BM's love life is in flux.

Godspeed to you in the coming weeks.

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Yes, it's extremely annoying how someone I have no actual relationship to can affect my life so much.

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Where did she find him, Craigslist? I believe that's where BM, over here, met husband #4 (she's now on #6). And those are husbands, not counting the men in between. She cannot do "single", nor can she manage to live alone.

Luckily, her relationship status does not affect me, since SD is grown.

Hopefully, your BM will find someone else, soon. Send her some links to personal ads/dating sites.

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Lol what?! Craigslist? No, BM met him on Instagram, so I guess a step up from Craigslist.

Marriage is too much commitment for BM. So far she's tried having an anchor baby and moving in to keep them around and neither worked.


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How to people find someone so quick and bounce like that.. I never understood.

My biggest fear is BM and her husband breaking up. Even the skids are older it would be HELL for us. 

In 2016 BM introduce skids to her side man while with her now husband. Skids were 9,11,13 at the time. She then broke up with now husband for side man.. who was divorced with 3 kids so we knew that wouldn't last. 

It lasted two weeks and she was back with her childless husband . Side man was nice... poor guy. She actually (within those two weeks) took the skids on little trip (about a 5 hour drive in a mountain area with side man's kids.. he funded and she brought him to her brothers wedding. 

Kids were upset when side man was gone. 

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Well, it took her over a year to find this guy that was a plane trip away, so it wasn't exactly fast. 

I guess it's hard to find a guy that will worship you eternally and put up with an endless amount of shit and pay for you to live when you're in your mid 30s with a bratty kid.

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I pray BM and her husband stay married. SKID spilled some tea yesterday about how they are always yelling at each other that's why the kids stay in their rooms. Skid actually said "BM is always yelling at someone, maybe it's BM". I had to hold my breath in and leave the room bc I really really really try to say nothing about BM. 
When she was single she zeroed in on the most inconsequential crappola imaginable to have something to talk/fight about with my husband. Her now husband was caught having an affair with BM by his ex wife, so I can imagine their are insecurities.